Saturday, 21 December 2013

some life quotes i'd like to share :)

because every human being has their own way in life and i think you should never judge a person just of what he did in the past or present, what he/she wears, what he/she has on his body or if they're gay. all i know is that only God can judge us because on He who knows whats in our heart and for whatever reason we did all those, He saw and He knows.

literally. just because you're always alone that doesn't mean you shouldn't be happy. you should be thankful that God created you and you're breathing and perfect in terms of what everybody has such as legs, arms, body, eyes, face etc. even those who doesn't have a perfect body get to live happily. just remember that whenever you feel alone or left out, God will always be there for you. no matter where you are. He listens. 

and this? yeah. what he said :)

true though. sometimes you should do what makes you happy and not following what makes them happy. i mean, it's you! you should be happy for yourself. well i think when you're happy, i'm sure those who're close to you would be happy too. so why would you need the 'others' to confirm how happy you are? 

and lastly, just be yourself. be comfortable with it. never label yourself because you are who you are and you should love it because you're limited ;) 

because it's hilarious

i mean really. what's not to love when it comes to That's So Raven x) 

The Teddy Bear :3

helloooo~ :)
currently everything's fine although Kulub, my kitten was sick this past few days. poor him. tomorrow is his last day going to the vet. last shot and he'll be given some meds. by the way, going to the vet was actually my first time ever like really because every time our pets are sick or something, we mostly treat them by ourselves. so yeah its my first going to the vet and the experience was fun? i suppose. you can actually see that all the staffs and doctors were animal friendly and its fun to watch them doing their job. 

anyways, remember the teddy bear i said i gave him? so we've exchanged it. well it's more like he took my rabbit pillow and he gave me the teddy i gave him because this time, he'll be able to bring the purple rabbit pillow to sleep without being ashamed as the teddy he never sleeps with it -.-" so yup the teddy's with me now. sleep with it every night since i'm probably sure for those who know me i wouldn't sleep without my favourite pillow and a teddy. the teddy was the substitute for mr. purple rabbit. sigh. actually, he took most of my favourite stuff but its okay. i'm fine with it anyway because what's mine is his and what's his is mine. well that's what Abah said. lol.  

this is Mr. Teddy. well thats what i called him tho haha

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


my oh my its been a long time i suppose and my new semester will begin in two weeks from now. another semester, a new motivation to get what i want. well not new. its actually the same. achieving great pointers and such.

i've been away because i guess i was very busy since my holiday. went driving back to Sandakan - KK - Sandakan - KK and it keeps on going every week. of course i love coming back but i wished i could've stayed longer because its tiring driving back and forth but i guessed its worth it, meeting my relatives and my soon-to-be family but they've been a family to me since I was a kid. Practically grew up with them.

Ah... I wish my new semester wouldn't be coming so fast yet it's the last semester of my diploma. Wow. Time flies. And actually I missed him tho we talked and texted everyday but I missed talking to him face to face. Sigh. Sometimes you got to let go of something for something more important and to me, it's my education and of course to him as well. I guess as long as we're together to help motivate each other I think we'll be fine.

I think that's all for today. Might try finding some ideas to write about here. Anyways, here's a photo of our phone lol :)


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Get ready with me in the car :)

this  was recorded 2 weeks ago when i was actually late to get ready at home for my second cousin's engagement day because of some chores that needed to be done and all i could do was wear my clothes, my inner hijab, wear BB cream and powdered my face.

since i did not show any aurat/aurah, i thought to myself why not record myself doing all things i usually wear when i'm going to some function and here it is :)

please note that this is my normal function make up and i'm not a pro when it comes to this. i did what i usually do and everything i have or whatever i put in bag were all the things that i used. other than that, this is my first time doing a full make up video and first time wearing that kind of hijab. so please bear with me. i'm also fully aware that i'm not wearing seatbelt which is very dangerous and the reason to whatever i'm doing is a shaky. anyway, this is a full 50 minute video and that's another reason why i wanted to do my make up in the car.

thanks for watching :)

with love,
mina xx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

She did it again!

some would know that i'm a massive fan of Klaire de Lys. like seriously. been watching her youtube videos since i was 18 and man, she always did an amazing job. plus, she made it seem simple and easy for me to follow. well not all but some of them of course. i'll follow her tips and tricks and i admit, it works :)

anyway, for those of you who didn't know Klaire de Lys, she's a british make up guru on YouTube. i simply adore her work and the fact that she uses cheap make up stuff (well they were cheap in London though) and free from animal testing and such made me love her even more. including the brushes! she's more of the natural products. i know some may not be a fan of make up but i do and i always end up getting excited with make up because for those who know how to use them its like magic! okay i'm being ridiculous but it is. the power of make up. i think she has a degree in art because she used to said she's busy with her class and projects. now she's focusing on her make up make up experiments and her band, The Fenix. lovely tune :D

back to square one, she made an alien make up including her own DIY props which were definitely amazing! i mean just look at these photos of her. and she's using recycled stuff to make all those props except for the synthetic brows though.

this is my personal favourite photo of her :D

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as i enjoy watching it.
you guys can check her blog about this look here and her make up youtube channel here. other than that, here's her art youtube channel where its more of DIY products that she made here. subscribe to her or you can just like her videos if you really like it. 

with love,
mina xx

Monday, 23 September 2013

Wherever You Are

hey guys. here's some short update of my life.

so 5SOS just released their new music video and i'm in emotional tears. the song was definitely perfect and i love everything. the guitars, the drums, the melody, the lyrics. i love it! and i did cried okay! i love them. i know this might sound cliche but they made a song for us #5SOSFAM! im proud of it and its been a year i've become a fan. pretty sure i'll be there along with their journey till the end of time. same goes with Tokio Hotel and One Direction. i dont care if people say i'm lame but for the love of music and their personalities, i'll stay no matter what.

"...torn in two and i know i shouldn't tell you but i just can't stop thinking of you wherever you are. every night i almost call you just to say it always will be you, wherever you are..."

P.S: my final exams gonna start this week and i'm praying and will do my best in everything. pray for me and wish me luck! :) 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Just dropping by

To say HI!!

I'm gonna be busy starting this week due to tests , quiz and final exam at the end of September. Wooh! Wish me luck and pray that I'll pass my finals with good grades. Aamiin~ 

Btw, since it's the 16th September HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY to all a Malaysians! I just hope we would live in peace and harmony with no fighting and all. 

Anyways, to celebrate here's a photo of Gundut the kitten who think she's that mature ;)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Recommended games of the week!

Hellooo~ guess what? I've just downloaded some game apps on my phone and seriously this game is the cutest and adorable game! It's called Jelly Splash. It's sort of like Candy Crush but more entertaining than that. It's like the longer your jelly, the more points you get. Oh and on a limited move to. But it's heck fun! And I'm currently addicted to it x) *feeling guilty*

And it goes something like this :)

Now that I found other games as well. Something like this app which is called Egg Baby 

This is my home

My backyard and that's Ash the piñata who gives me water bottle every 30 minutes.

this is Callie and I've to wait for about 2 days and 13 hours for it to hatch. At the same time, I've to take care of it because it'll die and I don't wait it to die! Sort of lol

And I played this game too! It's The Hardest Game Ever 2.

See that F grade? Currently stuck at that stage >.<

And it is THE HARDEST GAME I've ever played because you have to pass all of the games in just seconds! The more minimum your time, the better but some of the games are the longer you make that something stay, the better it'll be. I have to have really super fast fingers to press on the button or else I'll fail. 

Honestly, this is why I don't want to play games because they're massively addictive! And my Candy Crush was actually played by my sister and I've only played some of them just to pass the stage but this time I'm still on level 147 and it's really hard for me to pass x( 

Lol since when does games are important to me?! Nah might forget it in the future but seriously though, these 3 game apps are really fun. If you have a smartphone or tablet etc, I recommend you to download and play it. 


Love, Mina xoxo

P.S: Im writing this post from my phone and I can't adjust the words in centre and a but smaller size. So I hope you'd bare with it ha :D

Updated P.S: i just change the whole photos setting on my computer. hah :D

Saturday, 7 September 2013

unnecessary post

so i was kinda busy today with my chemistry test this morning, then doing my laundry, after that, cleaning up my bathroom and finally! here i am on my laptop. i was really tired and i just need something to make me a bit loosen up. so i went to tumblr.

to those who have tumblr will know how it is to be on that site. i mean literally you'll find a lot of massive stuff. its either some awesome photos or super amazing/funny GIFs or some random interesting infos. there's also some great and related post that you MUST reblog haha.

anyway, i found this and i, seriously, laughed for quite a few minutes and my brother thought i was watching some kind of funny video or something. here it goes.....

isnt it funny? well it is to me xD anyboo, i've to get ready now. dinner at our favourite restaurant, Little Italy. BYE! :)


Saturday, 31 August 2013

This is Us


i'm not sure if some of you know this but i'm a flipping PROUD DIRECTIONER! just watched This Is Us with my brother, Nwar and really close cousins, Momoy and Nana. it was only a few of us in the cinema. met some cool girls tho but honestly, i think i am the oldest directioner in that room because most of them that i saw prolly around 18 below. there were some dudes and parents too. didnt get to talked to them because Nwar's being a dick. he didnt even let me sing and dance on my sit while every, literally every song was sang by the boys. i mean it kinda almost feels like i was in the same place as the boys but reality check? nope. oh and i think Zayn was modelling every time the camera shoots him while he sing. seriously. and and i got excited because they looked me in the eyes! well technically its just them looking at the camera but DO YOU FEEL MEHH?!

anyway, i've a lot to talked about the movie but i'm really tired and have to wake up early tomorrow because of tones of programs. sigh.

g'night lovelies!

love, Mina xoxo

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Happy Eid Mubarak!

hello readers who reads my blog! i hope its not too late for me to wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims since I'm pretty sure we have a month of Syawal to celebrate the happy month with all the giving food to people, making their tummy happy. :) 

me and my dearest sistaaaaaaahhh :D

a lot has happened in this past few weeks or days maybe and a lot were needed to be done specially with the physics project which i'm getting scared right now and the tests we're gonna have, the classes that needed to be replaced, the Diskusi thing this Sunday, our faculty's family day and dinner on the same day. ughh A LOT i tell ya. but as my wise Ma always said "Prioritise, which is needed to be done the most then do it and after that do the others. Step by step. slowly." fuhhh thanks Ma. really appreciate that advice. its always in my mind. really love her. 


mina xx

Sunday, 4 August 2013


just dropping by to say....

that i guess i've to face it. it'll happen no matter what or how long i ignore it. i hope i'll be able to say the right words because i'm very sure i'm not good with expressing my deepest feelings with words. so, Ya Allah help me ease this, help me make the right choice, guide me because i'm nothing in this world and i'm confused and tired and wishing nothing really did happened. i just can't. i dont want to. please please please help me with all this.

complicated mina is having complicated moments :(

Sunday, 28 July 2013

This is cute :3

Apple: What's your favourite fruit? 

Blue: What song do you listen to when you're feeling down?
lots of 5SOS and Alone by Sleeping With Sirens

Cup: Do you drink Tea or Coffee?

Dopey: Tell us an embarrassing story.

English: How many languages can you speak?
3. Malay English and Deutsch. A bit of Korean and Japanese too. 

Fear: Tell us three fears.
Fear of failing in everything I do. Fear of being not good enough. Fear of disappointing my parents. 

Game: What was the last board game you played?
I think probably chess? I don't know. Haven't play a board game for a very long time.

Harry Potter: What was the last book you read?
Ooh ooh! My favourite question! It's Of Poseidon by Anna Banks and it is amazinggg!!! I love it :D

Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?
Sadly, yes. Once. 

Jump: Do five jumping jacks/star jump.
*mentally doing that but actually still sitting on my bed. Hah*

Kiss: Who's your biggest celebrity crush?
Hmm this is hard because I really love Bill Kaulitz, Niall Horan, Ashton Irwin etc etc. can't choose one. Sorry.

Love: Do you believe in marriage?

Money: What would you do with 1 million dollars?
First thing first, keep some of them in the bank for future use and save another some for concert tickets. Then take my family for hajj. Then shopping!!!! :D

Naughty: Tell us three things that your parents disapprove of?
Me disobeying them. Me dying my hair but I'm such a rebel haha. Me piercing my body.

Oops: What is one thing you'd like to change/fix?
Fix my relationship with certain someone.

Picture: Post a pic of your lovely face.

Quality: Name three of your favourite blogs.
To be honest, i dont read blogs much but i love being up to date with KlaireDeLys. So that will be just one.

Rapunzel: Name three Disney movies that you adore.
The Little Mermaid! My favourite!! :D then Sleeping beauty and Mulan.

Star-sign: When's your birthday?
7th July 1992. I'm a Cancer the Crab :)

Teacher: What do you aspire to be?
I want to be a professional doctor who can deal with a lot of pressure, able to speak tons of language, good with guitars and photographing. 

Unite: Do you sponsor a cause?
Sadly no. But if love to :)

Varsity: Do you play/watch sport?
Depends on the season. When it's the Olympic season, I'd watch sports a lot. Only during that time though haha. As for playing, I only play bowl. 

Word: Write out your favourite word and why.
Believe because once you believe you do it, everything is possible no matter what people say :)

Xylophone: Do you play an instrument?
Yes. Guitars

Yellow: What's your favourite colour?
Purple, black, white, silver.

Zoo: What is your favourite animal?
The Wolf! :D

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Syrena Legend: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Hello lovely people who reads my pointless blog :P 

So I've just started reading this book last night around 11pm or so and guess who didnt sleep and get a headache in the morning? Hah 

This book is sooo good I've finished reading it this afternoon and I was devastated because I don't want it to end. Plus they leave me hanging and I don't like that. But thank god it has a sequel tho even it still doesn't arrived at my place yet. Can't wait for that :D

Btw this book is awesome because its about what we humans called it mermaids but in this book it's known as syrena. The difference between them is that mermaids have colourful scaly fin while the syrena's fin looks more like a shark/dolphin velvety grey fin. Besides its about mermaids and I love mermaids. 

The story line is good too. There's not much flowery words and its romantic and cute and adorable! Haha but at first it reminds me of this one book I had about fallen angels(?)...I didn't remember the title but it really reminds me of that other book. To be honest I was enjoying every word I read and the imagination i had in my head. It's awesome. Like seriously. 

*yawn* getting sleepy over here so I'm just gonna put good night message here and leave this sort of hanging. Good night! 

Friday, 19 July 2013

different taste

hello! so yeah here i am with lots of papers and some English related books which includes some old idioms, a book that i just finished reading (oh and its very good! made me emotional) and the English-English dictionary around me. well this is due to my MUET reading, writing and listening test tomorrow. woohoo! *note the sarcasm* to be honest i've actually "almost" forgot that we had the test this Saturday mainly because of the lots and lots of reports, project proposal and assignments we had and i'm afraid of it because i'm not that prepared yet..? i don't know. but anywhore, wish me the best for this test! :D

as the title said, we all know different people have their own different taste and because of that you should't judge them. i see this happens a lot and not just to me but other people as well. i used to "care" about all those things people said about me even if i said that i don't really care but then up to the point i don't even care anymore. that's when i learned to shut everything off because i really like what i like and/or love to do now and i can't change those to do just to satisfy your likeness. yes i'm very well aware of my weird liking and loving stuff that's looks scary and dark and weirdness shizz but hey they're pretty much beautiful to me. in short, i like dark things but that doesn't mean i don't like cute and girly(?)ish stuff. its just that the dark beautiful things are more my kind of thing and that what makes me, me.

anywitches, i know some may noticed that the type of music i really love is alternative pop rock or anything that basically has guitars and drums in it and sometimes may seem out of control, the music i mean, but how about try and have a listen of what the lyrics have to say. yeah i support the idea of expressing your feelings through songs because i much prefer it that way than have to talk about it to people and if i do talk about it, you're a lucky person then because i'm not much of a talkative type of person unless I'm that close to you. so most of the songs i listen to are very much close to what and how i feel and honestly? you'll know me just by listening to my playlist. seriously. mostly of who i am inside.

in terms of clothes, i'm more to the hoodie, shirt, jeans and shoes kind of girl and even my lecturer said i m a tomboy because he rarely saw me wearing sandals but even if i do he didn't noticed it anyway haha but i do wear dresses and other girlish stuff as well. owned a lot of them actually but never had the courage to wear them but recently i'm trying to change that because it would be such a waste if i don't wear them. so yeah being a bit girly this second half of the year. as for makeups, to be honest i'm actually wearing them a lot these days, and when i say a lot i meant just bb cream/foundation/base makeup with face powder and some eyeliner and mascara with either lip tint or lip balm(?), because i have lots of them *thanks to my mum for lending them to me* so i'm trying to use them up. i may look bold wearing them but HAH internally its like bomb of uncertainties. something like "am i okay with this shizz?""my god why did i wear this" etc etc but then remember the 'i dont care part'? yeah that is much stronger than the bomb. so i don't really care if i look weird or something. i'm accepting that weirdness is me.

Self Fact: yes i'm not weird

before i go, just wanted you to know that i made this a long time ago...

mina x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

i have a boyfriend?

dear blog, 

i've been asking these question a lot this past few days. its like why me? why now? why the sudden? why? can't it be someone else? 

as expected, no human in the world would never have a problem in their life. so, me who's a normal (sort of) human being also have my own problem and right now the huge problem is about love. apparently people say i'm unable to love someone. ookay who told you that? i love my mum, my dad, my sister, my brother, cousins etc etc. aren't these people are someone as well? id not that's the question, it would be me wondering who the heck my boyfriend is because some keep saying i have a boyfriend and when i asked them who, they said how should they know.. yeah right like I KNOW it either. huh

well let see. i guess i do have a boyfriend but the thing is he didn't even know that i exist? oh wait correction. Boyfriends. yup i know them but they don't know me and we only met virtually. the love of my life the Kaulitz twins, Niall Horan and Ashton Irwin. yup. they're my boyfriends. hah. 

by the way, back to square one. so yeah i have a problem with that and because of that i've lost a great friend who i really care. we're nothing more than just people who know their names and wouldn't even say hi and stuff. it hurts at first but the more i think its what the best for him, the more i'm fine with it. its okay i guess. sometimes if you care so much about that person you have to let that person go to move on and that's what i'm doing now. trying my best to live in my present life and learn from my past to make a better future. 

i wish things like this never even happen because it sucks a lot. that special person will come along journey of my life and if its you, it'll be you. so chill. i want to enjoy my life as fun as i can and able to be what and who i want to be. don't force me into all this shizz. 

Mina x

Friday, 5 July 2013


woahhh its been a very very very very long time since i last posting here and the last thing i've posted was about our research. so much happened since then.

i'll tell you some shorter version of what happened since then. as for our research, it was the same as before. nothing changes. kinda sad that nothing happened but ngehh since our result was 0 (0 is still a number and a result okay) we presented it to the panels and most of them seem to agree with us but kinda sad we didnt have anything from that. well not just you panels, we were a bit disappointed with that but hehh thats what we get. so yeah.

at the same time, Mr S was trying to be more than friends me. it was fine at first but during our semester break got me thinking that i dont want to lead him on. nothing good comes from me. i mean i DO care for him but because i care was why i did that and we haven't talk to each other ever since. same goes when we're in class. he keeps ignoring me but its okay. its my fault for doing so. i just hope that he's okay.

not just that happened, our house got robbed. we lost so much including my laptop and the one i'm using right now is a new one (thanks for it dad! love you). it was hectic that day. lots of police officers came to our house. even the CSI department came. WTF? then i've to make a report at Alam Mesra Police Station and later that afternoon, i met the police inspector officer because he wanted me to sign stuff and i do remember when we got home, i fell asleep directly with my jeans and shirt I'm using. well except for my hijab tho haha. plus, they still havent found the thieves yet sigh. but i guess its okay. as long as none of us were hurt. I'm really glad they didn't :)

on the 3rd of July, i've finally became an aunt on my mother's side! my cousin's wife delivered a baby boy named Muhammad Adam Ziqry. still haven't met him yet but looking at the photos i've received from whatsapp, he looks adorable! our very first nephew. oh and now my other cousin's wife is on due and she's in the hospital now. ooh! two babies in a month! yeayyy! i love babies and i can't wait to have my own :D but still, study came first. plus, i've no one to be married to if i want. so yeahh sad life haha

anywhore, i think im gonna post more here since im attending my MUET writing, reading and listening test this 20th July and need to polish my writings. its been a long time since i last write a proper essay. so if you're reading them, sorry to bore you x(

i guess thats all for now. will post some if i remember what have happened in the past few months :)

mina x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The result is still the same

So we've finished our steam distillation experiment last week on Friday and decided not to continue it because sadly our result is 000000.000000 x( our madam said its okay because we won't leave empty handed. At least we get to learn our main objectives for BIO300.

I'm so thankful that our supervisor is easy going and we can talk to her without being scared and stuff. Plus, she's always there for us. For 3 consecutive days in the organic chemical lab she helped us. Guide us. Motivate us. Thankyou madam! We owe you lots! Now we hope you'd give us As *wink wink*

Btw just realised my last post was on V day. I don't even remember it was V day. Feels like its just a Thursday to me. Sad. Forever alone. Haha Nahh the time will come :) and because of that enjoy my Ziall pic ;)

Mina x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Still hoping it would not fail

Day 2 of our essential oil experiment and still we have nothing. Kinda frustrated because we still haven't got any result. Too many problems. We kinda have to control everything which includes the labs temperature, water needed and mass of tea leaves.

Wuaahhhh Dx please please please dear essential oil, it's been 2days and still nothing. God help us :(

Monday, 11 February 2013

Happy Late 2013 haha

Just a quick post to say hello :) I was bored and I've just download this Blogger app again. So yeahh. It's February now and final exams are coming soon. Haven't prepare myself yet and a lot has been going on right now. I guess there'll be more about me since I've downloaded this app again. Haha. Toodles!

Mina x