Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Xmas!

Christmas LIghts Pictures, Images and Photos

i love those pretty lights and! can you just see the snow? i wish they exist here.

Anyway anywhoo, Merry Christmas everyone!! 

nothing special for me this year (except that my dad's birthday is coming soon and i still didn't get anything for him yet) just staying home with my family like we always do. and we - as the kids who's not working - are counting the days for classes to start. *sigh* this 29 i'll be registering myself to get a room for my college thing - and by i mean room, i will not going to stay there until the 2nd of January. i still wanna be at home. i guess all of us do. who would want to be at the hostel soon when nobody is there? well there's the freshie thing going on at that time but still, who would wanted to be there right? right? and i'm planning to bring my things much more lesser than i used to. i've bought pretty much a lot of stuff until i need, well about 4 peoples to help me out to my dad's car (thanks god his car is big!) i learned the lesson so no more many bags and other stuff unless needed.

i still haven't pack my things, pay the fees for my course and my broadband (which i'll be needing it very soon and did i mentioned i didn't pay it for 3months now? *sigh* now i'm banned to used it cuz haven't payed anything yet. besides, why would you want to use a broadband when the whole house are using wifi?) thank god my books are already packed and that's the stuff that i'm going to bring and put in my room. in the hostel i mean. 

btw, i managed to tune up my guitar! well i love my guitars but when it comes to new strings, i'm afraid of tuning it cuz of i always imagined stuff like the string will broke and my hand will bleed or the string will get to my eyes and i go blind. yeah stuff like that. i really hate it when i'm imagining things cuz most of the time when i do that, it;ll come true. i dont like that. but thanks to that some kind of how-to-tune-your-guitar website helped me out. though it didn't do anything other than letting me know how to take care of the guitar strings and stuff like that. but hey, i love my guitars. so i'll do whatever it takes to take care of them :) yeah, i'm kinda guitar freak.

and guess what. i played an ELECTRIC guitar for the first time everrrr. well i'll talked bout that soon. but for now i just wanna say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

look at the snowman. isn't it cute? :3 i'll make my own snowman someday. anyway, have a pleasant Christmas everyone! :D

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Pichaaaa! :D

i just wanted to share my other passion as a photographer. just to be sure, i'm a freelancer. i just took it when i fell like i want too.hope you guys like it :)

 my little Domo. i called him Toby ^^

 my guitar Lily

 Rasa Ria Resort Beach 

 i took this when my sister was busy taking pictures of my parents 

this was on Rasa Ria Resort. there was a wedding dinner that night.


last night, i was just messing around with Omegle. well i was hoping it could make my head less ache. i've been sleeping for hours right after our trip to Beaufort to see my dad's land. it was a long way and i only sleep for an hour and a half. my dad woke me up on 5:30am and i sleep around 3 something. sigh.

okay back to the 14 year old girl. at first she said about bad fathers like raping their children and stuff. but then when she ask me how old i am. so i said i'm 18 and she said she's 14. at first i didn't know she's a girl but by the way she say stuff, i'm pretty sure she's a girl. so i said to her that i take it she's a girl and i'm not surprised when she said. yes.

then suddenly out of no where, she wanted me to fuck her. and i was like WHAA??? she thought i was an 18 year old guy who comes to that Omegle thing to fuck someone. hell NO! i'm a girl for god sake. sigh. okay back to the story. she ask me how did i fuck someone? and i just said i go slow [it was my sister's idea to follow through whatever the girl wants] and ask her why. she said she never did with anyone else other than her boy friend. she also said they always 'did' it. and i was like okayy this is a weird topic to talk to a little girl.

and the most making-my-head-much-more-sicker question was she ask whether i want to have a threesome with the both of them. she wanted me to  turn on my webcam but then i said i was sorry cuz i'm using a computer [which i don't] and i don't have webcam here [which i had] she was sad cuz she really wanted me to be a part of their whole sex thing and THAT was when my headache starts to get worse. i can't stand whatever that girl was going to say to me so i have to excuse myself by saying 'why don't you go play with your boy there. i have stuff to do' and she said okay and click the 'Disconnect' button.

finally! i was SO surprised bout that, i have to swallow a bunch of panadols and get to sleep. [i sleep a lot haven't i?] i thank to the God because it ends. i dont want to have another talk about sex with some girl who's really really really HORNY. sigh.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

What is the most embarrassing thing you've done?

well my mom brought me to this shop and they have a sale there. so my mom was just checking around for something that she could buy. so when she did some looking, i found this scarfs that are pretty and damn comfortable. there was a tag there said '50% discount'. so i was like 'wow! i'm gonna buy these!' i said that without looking at the price. i was pretty much confident to bring those scarfs to the cashier but then my sister said 'sis, are you sure you're gonna buy those?' and i said 'yeah. why? its cheap. dont you want one?' my sister said 'i think you better look at the price' and i did and the prices was around 100 something. so i said 'yeah?why?its got 50% discount' then the promoter went back to where the scarfs i've taken it and she said 'oh sorry. this tag was supposed to be here' then she put the tag near the bunch of singlets and i said 'wait, so the singlets are the one with 50% thing?' 'yeah. these scarfs are new arrivals' i tried to remember how much money i have and i think it was 50 something. and after that, i smiled at my sis and took those scarfs back to the racks and get out of the store. i pretend it was like nothing ever happened. and brought my brother to walk away from the store cuz i'm damned embarrassed. i never went to that shop AGAIN. sigh

Friday, 10 December 2010

I freaking PASS!!

OHMYGOSH! i cant believe it. i pass my final! YEAY!! i'm so happy i couldn't believe and i cried. lol xD
and now i can get through Dip. Science. the course i've been dying to attend. oh gosh i think i made my parents proud. well not for long but at least i finally made them proud about my education. since i'm not the type of getting straight A's and stuff but i mange to pass this totally important examination in my life.

so now i have other test and finals that probably - well not probably but definitely be the most important then this one. i really have to struggle more for the nest semester. gosh i still cant believe it. thank god to that.

and here it is :
i have to blur some of the information. i dont want people to know what i got but what important is my GPA :)

[side note : did you guys noticed i said important too much? wow that's kinda boring]

i really work my ass of for it. its been amazing to have my friends with me. specially Naziey. even though she's in Dip. in Accountancy, she still help me out with some of my science subjects specially maths. she's really good with that ^^ besides that, Kak Rini and Kak Idang are the seniors who also encouraged me to keep studying and do the best in finals. a great BIG thanks to them.