Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Get ready with me in the car :)

this  was recorded 2 weeks ago when i was actually late to get ready at home for my second cousin's engagement day because of some chores that needed to be done and all i could do was wear my clothes, my inner hijab, wear BB cream and powdered my face.

since i did not show any aurat/aurah, i thought to myself why not record myself doing all things i usually wear when i'm going to some function and here it is :)

please note that this is my normal function make up and i'm not a pro when it comes to this. i did what i usually do and everything i have or whatever i put in bag were all the things that i used. other than that, this is my first time doing a full make up video and first time wearing that kind of hijab. so please bear with me. i'm also fully aware that i'm not wearing seatbelt which is very dangerous and the reason to whatever i'm doing is a shaky. anyway, this is a full 50 minute video and that's another reason why i wanted to do my make up in the car.

thanks for watching :)

with love,
mina xx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

She did it again!

some would know that i'm a massive fan of Klaire de Lys. like seriously. been watching her youtube videos since i was 18 and man, she always did an amazing job. plus, she made it seem simple and easy for me to follow. well not all but some of them of course. i'll follow her tips and tricks and i admit, it works :)

anyway, for those of you who didn't know Klaire de Lys, she's a british make up guru on YouTube. i simply adore her work and the fact that she uses cheap make up stuff (well they were cheap in London though) and free from animal testing and such made me love her even more. including the brushes! she's more of the natural products. i know some may not be a fan of make up but i do and i always end up getting excited with make up because for those who know how to use them its like magic! okay i'm being ridiculous but it is. the power of make up. i think she has a degree in art because she used to said she's busy with her class and projects. now she's focusing on her make up make up experiments and her band, The Fenix. lovely tune :D

back to square one, she made an alien make up including her own DIY props which were definitely amazing! i mean just look at these photos of her. and she's using recycled stuff to make all those props except for the synthetic brows though.

this is my personal favourite photo of her :D

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as i enjoy watching it.
you guys can check her blog about this look here and her make up youtube channel here. other than that, here's her art youtube channel where its more of DIY products that she made here. subscribe to her or you can just like her videos if you really like it. 

with love,
mina xx