Wednesday, 13 November 2013


my oh my its been a long time i suppose and my new semester will begin in two weeks from now. another semester, a new motivation to get what i want. well not new. its actually the same. achieving great pointers and such.

i've been away because i guess i was very busy since my holiday. went driving back to Sandakan - KK - Sandakan - KK and it keeps on going every week. of course i love coming back but i wished i could've stayed longer because its tiring driving back and forth but i guessed its worth it, meeting my relatives and my soon-to-be family but they've been a family to me since I was a kid. Practically grew up with them.

Ah... I wish my new semester wouldn't be coming so fast yet it's the last semester of my diploma. Wow. Time flies. And actually I missed him tho we talked and texted everyday but I missed talking to him face to face. Sigh. Sometimes you got to let go of something for something more important and to me, it's my education and of course to him as well. I guess as long as we're together to help motivate each other I think we'll be fine.

I think that's all for today. Might try finding some ideas to write about here. Anyways, here's a photo of our phone lol :)