Wednesday, 12 January 2011

trying to find something entertaining by.... blogging

here i am. in my room. doing some research while blogging and listening to music. thank god my desk was really in front of the window cuz i'm sure as hell i'll be damn bored with nothing to look except the notice board. my other two roommates are doing their thing while the other one went missing. lol i'm joking. she's some where in the building studying with her friends.

so yeah, my diploma life is a bit relaxing rather than my life in pre-science. i feel free every night. i have enough time to finish all of my assingments most of the time. i even manage to read books i bought from my house before i went to sleep. i bought a new phone number since most of my classmates are using Celcom while i'm using DiGi. its one of a heck of bill. so by using my new Celcom - Xpax number, its much more cheap to text and call them. even my lecturers are using Celcom. sigh.

to be honest, i'm trying to figure out where to put my guitar if i bring it here. i can't place it near my closet like i used to. this room is much bigger than my used to be room in A3203. i miss that room. i miss my old roommate. she's the best! its not that i dont like my new three roommates. its just that Niza was really the best than them. but i'll try to make the best effort to like them. its not that i dont like them, its just that i'm really not used to them. i guess it'll take time for that.

oh yeah did i mentioned i hate to be recognized because of my father? *sigh heavily* okay i really am proud of my dad. i'm proud of what he can do. i know he's a good man, a good father, a good doctor business man and a politician. i know he's people love him because he can do all sorts of thing to make the place to move forward and other stuff. But what i hate the most is that, whenever someone knew i'm his daughter, they tried to act good and stuff at me cuz, first, they want something from my dad. second, they keep calling me. third, some people eye me like i don't deserve to be my father's daughter. fourth, some guys flirting to take something they want from me - the money. yeah. like i like that.

sometimes people expect me to wear something really branded and expensive. like those Chanel and L.V thing. seriously? i dont have that kind of money. and what people see is what i like to wear. my dad my have those kind of money but that doesn't mean i can't wear wear shirts, sweater and just simple jeans/skinny jeans with shoes or flip flop. i'm comfortable with those type of clothes. so yeah my favorite quote - Ich bin ich :) i am who i am and i dont accept fakers.