Monday, 16 July 2012


lol at the title xD

okay hello lovely people who reads my rants here. haha it's been so long since i've last posting stuff here. well first of all, due to lack of ideas....? um not really. there's a lot i wanted to share ere but the thing is i'm too lazy to type it all out. if only my lappy could connect thru my mind and typed it all out *sigh* so yeahh. i'm sorry for that and i guessed you must have been wondering why the sudden? why now? why today? why??? haha well i'm in the library right now because of this biology thing. need to find the difference between endoderm and ectoderm and the difference between freshwater fish and saltwater fish but i've done doing all that. so i have my free time! about an hour or so. so yup here i am typing some sheettyy things and that is meant to be ignored. haha

anyway, i have a feeling of being the one who have to chase them whenever they go. like your existence is the shadow behind them that always follow them. and 'this' thing, i've experienced it. been there, done that. sometimes i'm not sure if our relationship was like what we used to be because i'm all alone now. well i do have my friends with me but there's this tiny feeling that always made feel completely alone. haha alone again~ naturally~ remembered this song from Ice Age 2 if i'm not mistaken where the not is completely forgotten by the squirrel (...?) because of the female squirrel. haha Ice Age never let me down. laugh a lot whenever i watched the movies. specially the new one. can't control my laugh in the cinema because it was damn funny! 

*deep exhale* so yeah. um for this week, my week is full with test and quizzes and i still haven't study a single thing! sheet =\ oh and for this semester i can't play guitar when my dad's around. he blamed it for my lack of study but i've always missed playing it. it's like something part of you is missing. well i do play sometimes. behind my father's back tho *evil grin* 

oh! oh! oh! i've been actively active on twitter rather than facebook since the holidays. so i won't post much on fb but fot twitter...... 95% of my life is there. haha i know i'm a loner and pretty much boring. and now that i have 3 accounts that i have to keep my eye on. of course one of them is my personal as i've attached it here in my blog too. for the other 2 is a Tokio Hotel and One Direction fanpage! i pour my heart and soul for both acc. been doing that since i made my own while for the 1D page.... did it yesterday. haha. well majorly because my friends are super tired of me RTing a lot about 1D on my personal where even one of them said she can't even see her own tweet on her timeline because of me. well excuse me for being a hardcore fan! pfftt!

well anyway, i guess that's all for my post today. might be doing more in the future :) BYE! 

P.S: Justin Bieber's Believe album is freaking AWESOME!!!!!!! oh and i listen to Ed Sheeran's songs now. i love how he write his story life in his music. he's like the male version of Taylor Swift. i love them both.