Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Little Things

just a very short post :) 

so basically the first time i heard this song was yesterday evening, 29/10/2012, on the radio in the car and you know what... tears in my eyes. its a very slow song and everyone has their own part in it. its a beautiful song written by Ed Sheeran and sang by the lads. so as soon as i got home, opened up twitter and youtube and there it is. been listening to it since i've opened my lappy. addicted much? yup i am. i think if a guy ever saw me the way Ed did, idk. tears of joy maybe? because i've been thinking that i'm not even worth it and maybe thats why i'm still single? idk. 

btw, i've known this ages ago but i'm just not sure whether Mr H has his own girl or not and guess what? he has. 3 people confirmed it so i guess the deals off? but yeah idgaf tho i was a bit hurt when the truth was told. haha 

more to come in the future :)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

pretty guys

hello. it's been a while. wait no. its been too long since i last posting stuff here. well everything's great for now. my roommates are fine. all of them are nice to me and we get a bit crazy at times. haha. so yeah. oh for this semester i get to live here in our Uni's hostel after 2 semesters i've stayed at home. not sure now which is better because when i'm at home i'm close to my family while in hostel i'm close to my friends if i need to ask them something specially when it comes to studying but maybe for the next semester i might stayed at home because my house is close to my Uni.

anyway, there's a lot of funny stuff that i wanted to share but not sure which to start first. hmm maybe i'll tell ya about the guys who dressed like girls that we (me, jojo, seken, wawa) saw the other day because wawa wanted to try to eat at Mary Brown Bandaraya. it was heck funny that we started to be noisy when the guys came in front of the restaurant. there were 2 guys at first and oh my god, they are so pretty specially the guy who wore black jacket and pale grey skinny jeans. LIKE SERIOUSLY?! suppose to be when guys wears skinny jeans you can see their muscles. like "i am a man" muscle. but they skinny jeans guy had no muscle. his legs are like us. very feminine. i really like his dressing tho. then after 5 minutes, came another 5 to 6 guys who i think is their group members. at first i thought they were foreign tourist because of their sort of blonde hair and their dress. they wore a thin colourful sort of bareback clothes but its not jeans. is it jumpsuit or something? not sure but yeah they're more like bareback clothes but its prettier. i was definitely surprised when all the 5 to 6 guys are guys and not tourist. there's one who wore a beach hat. he's pretty too but i like the one with the big red rose around his left side of his neck on his long hair. he looks like a superstar who's gonna perform soon. the way i saw him, he pretty much look like a diva which is amazing btw. they all surprising look VERY FEMININE. we said that if we were there we could only win when it comes to originality but dressing like that? sorry. we're not one of them. but i would to be friends with guys like this. specially the pretty ones. i think like they can help me out with shopping and make up and girl talk even tho they're guys. plus, they know how to take care of their facial. super smooth. how do they do that?

btw, while we're totally into the whole guys who are pretty, i noticed that the staff were smiling at us because we were definitely very noisy and that kinda attracts attention. funny that even the people who's eating there trying to take a peek for the pretty guys outside. it was fun tho.

so i'm having my finals right now. hopefully all will be well. keep praying that all of us will get in the dean list. wish me luck!