Friday, 24 February 2012

Love you always ♥

my sweet baby boyfiey has grown! 
i am in love with you more and more :D 
love you always my baby  :*
♥ xoxo ♥

P.S: isn't he super HAWT?!! my gosh i can't believe this is him. why must he be 2years YOUNGER than me?! but i like it that he's tall ^^v my little brother has almost the same height as him though my brother is 15 while he's coming 18 this year. but i'm guessing he's getting taller than before because he look nearly tall as his hyungs. oh! btw, i hope you don't mind the things i wrote above this pic :P i am in love with him... and Hongki... and Joongki...... *crickets sound* anyway, IWILLDEFINITELYMEETYOUSOMEDAYNOMATTERWHEREEVERYOUAREWHENEVERYOUAREBECAUSEIAMYOURNUMBERONEFAN!
*panting* ♥ ;)

help me please?

i hope you don't mind spend a min just by clicking this link. thanks a lot of you do ^^

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what would you do. . .

. . . if you're in love with a person who's in love with another person, would you let him/her go? or just keep on waiting to make sure for the right time to confess to him/her?

. . . if the person you're in love with always be mad at you, keep on insulting and saying you're definitely not for him/her and swear a lot, would you let him/her go? or just swallow everything he/she said to you and keep on waiting?

. . . if you think you're in love with a person who's not seriously into you because he/she might just wanna be friends with you, would stay and be his/her friend? or keeping fantasies that you would be with him at some time? or ignore the friend zone and keep on waiting for him/her to be yours?

. . . if you think he/she's not exactly your typical type but actually he/she's "exactly" the one for you, would you ignore him/her? or just let it go with the flow? or might even consider trying to know him/her very well?

. . . if you're best friend is in love with you but you can't accept him/her because you think it's crazy, would you think at some other time to even consider it? or ignore the fact that he/she really can't pass the best friend zone?

. . . if you think you're strong enough to endure your last broken love, would you still find a person who's exactly like the one who broke your heart? would you always believe in what those sweet words he/she said to you? or you'd stay low and have fun to fix your inside?

. . . if you're having  second thoughts on the person you hate to become the person you would love, would you ignore that feeling because it would be an embarassment for your dignity? or try to open up?

i hope you guys would make the right choice when it comes to love or friendship. and i wish you guys all the best ! :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

my Mushroom Garden ^^

hello peeps! it's been so long since i last posting here. due to very busy semester for me plus with a certain few weeks with no internet, blogging is limited. sigh. but i am ver active with my facebook and twitter cuz i've services from my mobile phone. so it's easier for me to be online there when there's no internet.

anyway anywho, i guess some of you must be wondering why my title post is about Mushroom Garden. well seriously i don't own any mushroom garden for REAL. its a game actually. an app that i found on apps store :)

TA~ DAAAA~~~~ ^^.V

 i am currently addicted to this game. ha! its funny cuz when it comes to games i'm very picky. so yup this game is one of the very lucky games that i played. CONGRATULATIONS! lol :P

this game is simple actually. you just have to choose which food button where it also displays the time for the funghi to sprout and when they have grown you can just harvest them with a tap or a swipe. oh i forgot to mention that this game is available only for apple iPhones and iPods and android phones. you can just search "Mushroom Garden" on the apps store and voila! you'll find this game.. [for itunes, just click >HERE<]

Not just that, the mushrooms are adorable too! here take a look :D

see? isn't it cute? ^^

so here's my garden :D