Tuesday, 20 November 2012


yeah i'm a weirdo. nothing can change that about me. my compassion sometimes made me difficult to handle myself. i cant even understand myself sometimes. funny because i'm living in my own body for like what? 20 years now? huh nice knowing myself. well i have a lot to learn. not just studying but life as well. been reading a lot during my semester holiday and some peeps might find that boring, well it actually was kind to think of it, and a lot of music thing happened. found new bands that i like and listening to new songs from the bands i love. i'm still waiting patiently for TH's new album though and now my headphone is being a pain in the arse. definitely need to buy a new one. but i'm broke for the time being so that have to wait. anyway, i guess thats all. haha thanks for reading my very short post. i'm just bored and feel like typing. haha tschuss leute :)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Little Things

just a very short post :) 

so basically the first time i heard this song was yesterday evening, 29/10/2012, on the radio in the car and you know what... tears in my eyes. its a very slow song and everyone has their own part in it. its a beautiful song written by Ed Sheeran and sang by the lads. so as soon as i got home, opened up twitter and youtube and there it is. been listening to it since i've opened my lappy. addicted much? yup i am. i think if a guy ever saw me the way Ed did, idk. tears of joy maybe? because i've been thinking that i'm not even worth it and maybe thats why i'm still single? idk. 

btw, i've known this ages ago but i'm just not sure whether Mr H has his own girl or not and guess what? he has. 3 people confirmed it so i guess the deals off? but yeah idgaf tho i was a bit hurt when the truth was told. haha 

more to come in the future :)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

pretty guys

hello. it's been a while. wait no. its been too long since i last posting stuff here. well everything's great for now. my roommates are fine. all of them are nice to me and we get a bit crazy at times. haha. so yeah. oh for this semester i get to live here in our Uni's hostel after 2 semesters i've stayed at home. not sure now which is better because when i'm at home i'm close to my family while in hostel i'm close to my friends if i need to ask them something specially when it comes to studying but maybe for the next semester i might stayed at home because my house is close to my Uni.

anyway, there's a lot of funny stuff that i wanted to share but not sure which to start first. hmm maybe i'll tell ya about the guys who dressed like girls that we (me, jojo, seken, wawa) saw the other day because wawa wanted to try to eat at Mary Brown Bandaraya. it was heck funny that we started to be noisy when the guys came in front of the restaurant. there were 2 guys at first and oh my god, they are so pretty specially the guy who wore black jacket and pale grey skinny jeans. LIKE SERIOUSLY?! suppose to be when guys wears skinny jeans you can see their muscles. like "i am a man" muscle. but they skinny jeans guy had no muscle. his legs are like us. very feminine. i really like his dressing tho. then after 5 minutes, came another 5 to 6 guys who i think is their group members. at first i thought they were foreign tourist because of their sort of blonde hair and their dress. they wore a thin colourful sort of bareback clothes but its not jeans. is it jumpsuit or something? not sure but yeah they're more like bareback clothes but its prettier. i was definitely surprised when all the 5 to 6 guys are guys and not tourist. there's one who wore a beach hat. he's pretty too but i like the one with the big red rose around his left side of his neck on his long hair. he looks like a superstar who's gonna perform soon. the way i saw him, he pretty much look like a diva which is amazing btw. they all surprising look VERY FEMININE. we said that if we were there we could only win when it comes to originality but dressing like that? sorry. we're not one of them. but i would to be friends with guys like this. specially the pretty ones. i think like they can help me out with shopping and make up and girl talk even tho they're guys. plus, they know how to take care of their facial. super smooth. how do they do that?

btw, while we're totally into the whole guys who are pretty, i noticed that the staff were smiling at us because we were definitely very noisy and that kinda attracts attention. funny that even the people who's eating there trying to take a peek for the pretty guys outside. it was fun tho.

so i'm having my finals right now. hopefully all will be well. keep praying that all of us will get in the dean list. wish me luck!

Monday, 16 July 2012


lol at the title xD

okay hello lovely people who reads my rants here. haha it's been so long since i've last posting stuff here. well first of all, due to lack of ideas....? um not really. there's a lot i wanted to share ere but the thing is i'm too lazy to type it all out. if only my lappy could connect thru my mind and typed it all out *sigh* so yeahh. i'm sorry for that and i guessed you must have been wondering why the sudden? why now? why today? why??? haha well i'm in the library right now because of this biology thing. need to find the difference between endoderm and ectoderm and the difference between freshwater fish and saltwater fish but i've done doing all that. so i have my free time! about an hour or so. so yup here i am typing some sheettyy things and that is meant to be ignored. haha

anyway, i have a feeling of being the one who have to chase them whenever they go. like your existence is the shadow behind them that always follow them. and 'this' thing, i've experienced it. been there, done that. sometimes i'm not sure if our relationship was like what we used to be because i'm all alone now. well i do have my friends with me but there's this tiny feeling that always made feel completely alone. haha alone again~ naturally~ remembered this song from Ice Age 2 if i'm not mistaken where the not is completely forgotten by the squirrel (...?) because of the female squirrel. haha Ice Age never let me down. laugh a lot whenever i watched the movies. specially the new one. can't control my laugh in the cinema because it was damn funny! 

*deep exhale* so yeah. um for this week, my week is full with test and quizzes and i still haven't study a single thing! sheet =\ oh and for this semester i can't play guitar when my dad's around. he blamed it for my lack of study but i've always missed playing it. it's like something part of you is missing. well i do play sometimes. behind my father's back tho *evil grin* 

oh! oh! oh! i've been actively active on twitter rather than facebook since the holidays. so i won't post much on fb but fot twitter...... 95% of my life is there. haha i know i'm a loner and pretty much boring. and now that i have 3 accounts that i have to keep my eye on. of course one of them is my personal as i've attached it here in my blog too. for the other 2 is a Tokio Hotel and One Direction fanpage! i pour my heart and soul for both acc. been doing that since i made my own while for the 1D page.... did it yesterday. haha. well majorly because my friends are super tired of me RTing a lot about 1D on my personal where even one of them said she can't even see her own tweet on her timeline because of me. well excuse me for being a hardcore fan! pfftt!

well anyway, i guess that's all for my post today. might be doing more in the future :) BYE! 

P.S: Justin Bieber's Believe album is freaking AWESOME!!!!!!! oh and i listen to Ed Sheeran's songs now. i love how he write his story life in his music. he's like the male version of Taylor Swift. i love them both. 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

safe and sound


yeah here i am after these past few months not updating anything. haha i really wated to update stuff but yeahh whenever i'm online kinda forgot my real reason to be on the net. anyway so here's my cover of Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars. I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. SONG. ooh something's wrong with my caps lock button xD this song actually reminds me of my dear sister who's now very far away from and and very hard to see her. AND i've recorded this on the 25th of May where UKISS having a free concert for Hari Belia or National Youth Day here in Malaysia. kinda sad that i didn't get to see them :\ and it also reminded me of Emi and Fatin Arinah who i've known from twitter since the day i found them with Tokio Hotel. it's awesome to know someone who has the same interest with you :D

so here it is. enjoyyy :D

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Patah Seribu

hello lovely people. so yeah Patah Seribu. a song that i love (for now..maybe) and directly practiced right after my final exam has ended. made a promise to myself that i might cover it so here it is! down below~! hee

btw, first thing first, i'm no professional singer so you might hear something a bit off key or something. plus, i kinda recorded this in the middle of the night so i kinda control my voice (probably..) and i hope you guys would enjoy it ^^

Friday, 6 April 2012

#imagine for KissMes around the world

hi! this was supposed to be my #imagine tweet but it's jut too long. so i decided to put it on my blog and i wanna share it through all UKISS Fan bases that i know. i hope they did RT the tweet i linked to them >.<

btw i hope you like this. it just came to me this morning and i'm sorry if there's a lot of grammatical mistakes. i hope you'd understand. so yeahhh here it is . enjoy ^^


You and Kiseop were a couple. Both of you love each other very dearly and are happy having each others. You guys are the type of couple who would only hold hands, hugs and kiss on the cheeks. Kinda a well mannered couple. Then one day you wanted to surprise him. You know he's afraid of heights (wonder how is he on plane sometimes?). So you make a date to a place where they have rope jumping. 

On that day, you cover Kiseop's eyes with a cloth all along the way to your destination. Even to the top floor where the rope jumping is and even when the instructor ask the both of you to put on the safety jacket and stuff, he's still doesn't know what's happening. Then you hugged him and asked him to untie the cloth. It took him a full minute to regain his sight back to normal and when he did you said "surprise...!" he's still in your arms and when he looked around you saw his face was getting paler and paler. You can see he's sweating coldly and you can feel his heartbeat pumping really fast. You called his name but no answer. You called him again..still nothing. Then you pulled his face to you. You look him straight in the eyes and said "I just wanted you to know that I will always be there for you. No matter what. Even in your greatest fear I will always be there for you. I'm doing this because I know I'm not good with words to say that I love you with all my heart. Instead I'll show you with these kind of thing. Hee. You're always in my heart Lee Kiseop and I'll do my very best to be always by your side. No matter what. I love you" still holding his face, you kissed him for the very first time on the lips and then the cheeks and lastly the forehead. You can feel that he's very shocked. so you hugged him as tightly as possible. 

And when returned your hug back, you looked at him and you can see that he's smiling and almost crying when he looked at you so dearly an because of that your hand moves by itself to touch his cheeks but in midway, Kiseop take your hand and kissed it and placed it on his cheeks. He said "I can't believe this but I think I've found you" he smiled and kissed you hands again and said "yeah.... I think I've finally found you.... And I love you too (your name). I love you very very much. But you don't have to go this far" 
"na'ah. You're chickening right? No way. I've brought you this far and we'll jump-" his finger shushed your lips "hey I didn't say I won't do this. I'll do it but only because of you" you smiled and hugged him and said "okay" happily. 

So the both are you listened to what the instructor said and he ties the rope on to the both of you. Both of you hugged each other and when the instructor was counting backwards starting for five... four... "I love you always (your name) three... "I love you too.. always Lee Kiseop" two..... One! 

You both jumped and were screaming out crazily specially Kiseop and you can hear him scream "ARRGGHH I... LOVE... YOU... ( YOUR NAME )!! I.. WISH WE COULD BE TOGETHER... FOREVERR!!" and you smiled with tears in your eyes. 

Now that both of you really do love each other after all. Even in his busy schedule he still manage to find sometime for you because he will always love you too :)

my little life after final exam

so yeah here i am posting again. it's just that i want to type it when its still fresh in my mind. it'll be suck if i forgot everything detailed =_="

3rd April 2012

this was the day where we called it "Cousins Only Hangout Day!" and this was where one of my cousin who works at Johor finally came back to us for a short 10 days break from work. i guess he's been very busy meeting his family and friends since then. when he's with us , it's his 8th day with his family. i said to him that we would hangout on the day before but due to some sickness i postponed the event. lol.

i woke up early during that day (well since i'm the driver i have to get ready much more earlier than them). so my passengers for the day were my sister and my lovely cuzzy, Jue. then we picked Alie up from his house where we kinda late i guess :P and head on to Center Point. when we're on our way, we suddenly talked about our other cousin who's in town which is our big Rajip. so we give him a call and thankfully he's already there. all we need to do was meet up.

finally we arrived. safely parked on the 6th floor because it's much more freely there rather than those floors below it. when we're on our way to the lift, Alie said he wanted to meet his girlfriend because she's there and was like "hey this is a NO girlfriend/boyfriend allowed" and he was like "it will be just a min". so yeah he did meet up with his girl TWO times and to be honest i don't like his girl but yeah who am i to judge.

first of all we were really hungry except for Rajip because he already ate with his friends. we ate at KFC yeah finger lickin' good.. i really like that rather than so G-double O-D good -.- ordered our food and took a sit wherever Jue and Rajip picked. while we're eating my mom and Nuar came to meet Alie. Nuar wanted to stay with us but mom have to bring him back home because he' sick. poor him.

Next destination, the kBox (short for karaoke box which mean a karaoke room?). i met my LONG LOST tuition friend. well not that lost its just that we haven't met for a very long time. Man or Rahman. who's a year younger than me but bigger than me. yeah i'm really small. compare me to my cousins from my mother's side including my 9-year-old cousin.... I AM VERY SMALL. I'M A DWARF WHEN I'M AROUND THEM *clears throat* but yeah even though i'm small, i'm big in heart :P back to Rahman, yup met him and paid a room for us for two hours to sing. you bet we sing our heart out. haha. and the most Romantic song? no i mean a very feeling song? it was Rajip's. and guess what? the title is Feelings  LOL xD we kinda like mock him with that song but he said that was his dad's song. so we kinda shut up? NO friggin' way. haha. after two hours almost end, i asked my sis to top up for our time for thirty minutes. it was that they were like "hey wasn't this supposed to end? i saw the time was about six minutes left.. why is this still playing?" i guess until now they never knew :P well at least we had fun ^^

after that, we bought a phone/key-chain. mine, as always, it has to be a Domo and it's cute x3 and we bought ice cream! my favorite dessert. mine was banana tropicana like always *nyummmmmmmm!* then we're trying to find a phone cover for Jue and me. we kinda walked a lot that day and it was very tiring and the result? we end up with buying nothing. dang~ so yeah we head home safely by sending Rajip first, then Alie and lastly ourselves Aein, Jue and me.

from left to right: Rajip, Jue, Alie, me, Aein and Nuar. this was the only pic we got. well we have videos of us singing but why would you wanna see that right? LOL

4th April 2012

i guess this was my very busy day because for the whole day i've been a driver for my sister and brother and at the same time trying to find a job at 1Borneo because it's closer to my house. 

first on the list, send my sister to Suria because it was her friend's birthday so they wanna celebrate it. then Jue and me headed to 1Borneo right away. when we arrive, first things first, food. we're hungry. so we ate at McDonalds. enjoyed our food and now come the search. first stop, Times Bookstore. because of my passion to books, i wanna be closer to them. so yup we went there and i was all nervous head-to-toe because it was my first time to find a job. we entered the bookstore but neither one of us are brave enough to talk to the cashier. so we were kinda like acting like we're searching for books but actually we're not >.< then suddenly my mom called saying that Nuar finished his school early that day. so we were like "let them do the talk after we picked them up" "yeah. i guess that's good idea" LOL us xD

kinda drive fast that noon because my brother might be alone so i kinda afraid that something might happened to yeah i drove fast that day. done picking him up, back on track to picked Aein up. she was kinda sad because she had to leave early than her friends. so i said to them that we're going to 1Borneo and i'll treat them lunch right after finding shops that have vacancy. when we arrived, we went directly to Times and let Nuar do the talk. end up with a No Vacancy. i was like "rejection.... my first job rejection...." LOL. then head up to Adidas. thankfully they did have a lot of vacancy but the problem was that the management doesn't want a person who wears hijab. one of the worker said if they want you, then you have to write a letter saying that you can't open your hijab. i was like do i have to do that? can't they just let me in for the job? i asked what kind of job they need and can i have full-time or part-time. i could get both but still the hijab thing. *sigh* but still i gave them my number because she said she would let me know if i'm applied right after she asked the management that am i in or not. 

still i didn't gave up hope, i went to Harris but i didn't asked them a thing because to me, it seems very full with workers. then Nike, Quicksilver, Padini, Parkson, Muultibake, Kaison, Cotton On, etc. end  up with none. right after that we had lunch. again. poor sister and brother. after they gain theri energy again, we went to phone shops. Samsung included but didn't asked a thing because the shop was small and why would they need more workers right? then off to GSC to ask the same question again. but the person thought we were playing around because Nuar was busy asking about the movies. *sigh* so yeah that was when i finally gave up searching and we went to buy some drinks and fruits to eat. and then last stop, we're stopping to a phone accessories shop. i bought devil-devil from that shop and finally head home. 

cute isn't it? x3 oh and that's the phone/key-chain that i bought in Center Point

P.S: the Adidas worker texted me saying that they're sorry and ask me to find another job :( *tsk tsk*

5th April 2012
 i just wanna post some pics for today. hee. enjoy :D

this is Yuyu. short for Rohayu because she was found at Rohayu restaurant and from this pic she was standing to reach my DomoDomo xD she's adorable ain't she? :3

this is Special. we called him that because of his legs?or fingers? notice his legs/fingers.. a normal cat would have 4 fingers from their paws but not Special. that's why he's Special :)

and lastly, this is Rainbow. she's weird when it comes to cuddling because when you sit on the floor, she'll do all the best she can to get under your legs. like a hole or something. weird right? 

i guess that's all for todayy. toodles~ 

Monday, 2 April 2012

what's done is done

alhamdulillah. finally my final exam is over. came back home with a big smile :) oh! my cats and rabbits are happy to see me as soon as i get off from the car. right after my i put off my stuff in the house, i came and greet them one by one. anywayy. our cat named July has a kitty!! she's adorable with her very blur face :3 and ohmaigosh! we have a quadruplet of baby rabbits! still both kitten and baby rabbits doesn't have their name yet. maybe someday they will :)

oh and to my dear friends, gangsterlicous and those who know me, i will miss you guys! for this 2months of holiday, i guess there will be more stories to tell :D

Zera and Sherry were not here when we took this pic. both of them had to get home right after paper. btw, even though i was kinda stressed out about our last paper and i kinda cry but when it comes to cameras, i'll smile to it as long as i can. if i'm strong enough, i'd let it go. but when it's not, here comes the rain again :P

 anyway, what's done is done. so yeah. our paper is done. whatever i write on the answering booklet will be it. for now, all i can do is pray and tawakal. may Allah help me with the results. oh and i guess i was kinda hurt when you know the person you admire (and who said he admired you too) has his own girl now (who's also a friend of mine). i wish may god bless their relationship and hopefully this time they would have a great relationship. who knows they might even end up getting married to each other right? it's okay. it's just that i have to stay strong to see them together then. lol. but yeahh a girl got to do what a girl got to do :) 
life moves on. it never turns back. appreciate what you have now and never regret what the past had done to you because the past makes you stronger and more tougher than before who you are now. just ignore what people saying stuff to or about you. because they are the fire that will cause you to break down. the more you listen to them, the more hurt you'll be. so yeah just ignore them. nothing's good when it comes to mr. d.e.v.i.l. right? oh and don't keep it to your hearts. just say it out loud or sing it out loud if you're too stressed about it okay? i guess that is all for tonight. toodles~

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


yeah! finally last paper to go! :D i can't wait for all this studying thing to stop for a while. my brain will explode if this keeps up. lol exaggerating much.

okay now lets get to the topic. last night i was inspired by a friend of mine's words about life in his blog. during our high school days, he was the kind who kinda bullies people i guess but not too much. he always speak up what's on his mind. no matter if he's talking to a guy or a girl. he'll speak it right out. but one thing i know about him is that he's a mama's boy? well kinda like that. he used to be big and chubby and really really smart even though he's the "bad" student. i know he's good deep inside him and he's kinda the one who goes baby stuff when he's with someone he love. but now whenever i read/look at his facebook and read his blog, he's not what he used to be. he seem kinda more experienced in life and saying that people change when they grow up but still keep the kid inside him with him which really made me like wow you've really changed a lot my friend. and he's getting thinner and more matured in his way. but the getting thin part is where i feel very challenged because i was getting chubby now... i guess? lol. anyway, here are his words.
Maybe back in the old days i'd be hyped up and just go with the flow of stuffs , in a childish way , but we're all grown ups aren't we ? Hahahaha accept it , everyone changes . Nobody stays the same , the important thing is to grow up but still retain a stron inner child in you . The one that's curious and playful ! Those values mean a lot , shows how you deal with stuffs and how you go by your day . Yerp , pretty save for me to say I've changed quite a lot since high school ! The way i handle things and all those stuff . My friend said i even changed the way i smile haha ! The reason people thinks i'm gay , the way i smile ? Maybe it's because i smile for a different reason nowadays , but it's quite obvious the happy go lucky jolly boy ain't behind that smile anymore !
 this really really inspired me! his words got stuck in my mind since i read his post. i guess you'll understand life as you get older and more experienced with it. plus, i almost cried when i read his post. i hope he'll have a great life and be happy always :)

 Thank you Razdan for teaching me a little bit about life :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

2 more to go!

ahhh! finally... two more papers to go.. which is on 26th and 31st of March. Physics and Calculus 2. oh btw, its our final exam month this March. hee forgot to mention about it >.<

anyway anyhow, so yup. 2 more to go. and i'll do my best and keep on fighting till the last piece of number i'll write. aja aja hwaiting!  lol. exaggerating much? xD 

wish me all the best for this semester kay? ^^

P.S: i'm guessing that this would be my very 1st short post for this year. lol~ who cares xD

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

being linguistic.. how bout you? :)

hello dear bloggers and to those who read my blog.. thank you for even considering to read this post. as you can see the title for today is about being linguistic (lol why am i being so schematic?...i don't even know xD) well I'm a fan of other languages besides English and Malay. for now i could only understand Bajau (an ethnic in my country). but the thing is i can only understand it but when it comes to me talking in bajau, i couldn't. my mom said i could practice bit by bit with her and i did actually. but i really need to learn more. hee. 

anyway, the cultures that I'm a fan of are German, Korean, Japan, France, Greek and Arab. for German, Korean and Japan, i learn by myself which is hard cuz i don't have someone to talk to. maybe after I've finish my diploma or degree, i wanted to learn these languages and maybe more. I'll add Mandarin to the list too.

more over, i can read German and Korean (Hangul) but i don't know what it means (poor me lol) and that's why i want to learn them. BTW, I'm doing this not just because I'm a fan of some bands and singers (specifically in German & Korean). i wanted to learn their way of talking & writing and their way of life. plus, the cultures are very different from Malaysia and i would like to visit these countries someday. not just that, I'm hoping i would have adopted families when i go to these countries and from time to time, i would like to visit them. gosh.. thinking about it makes me happy and it would be great if i could tweet in Hangul to the Korean artists that I'm a fan of. kyaa~

Friday, 24 February 2012

Love you always ♥

my sweet baby boyfiey has grown! 
i am in love with you more and more :D 
love you always my baby  :*
♥ xoxo ♥

P.S: isn't he super HAWT?!! my gosh i can't believe this is him. why must he be 2years YOUNGER than me?! but i like it that he's tall ^^v my little brother has almost the same height as him though my brother is 15 while he's coming 18 this year. but i'm guessing he's getting taller than before because he look nearly tall as his hyungs. oh! btw, i hope you don't mind the things i wrote above this pic :P i am in love with him... and Hongki... and Joongki...... *crickets sound* anyway, IWILLDEFINITELYMEETYOUSOMEDAYNOMATTERWHEREEVERYOUAREWHENEVERYOUAREBECAUSEIAMYOURNUMBERONEFAN!
*panting* ♥ ;)

help me please?

i hope you don't mind spend a min just by clicking this link. thanks a lot of you do ^^

Now you can earn rewards by sharing through Facebook & Twitter with #ChurpChurp! How cool is that?

what would you do. . .

. . . if you're in love with a person who's in love with another person, would you let him/her go? or just keep on waiting to make sure for the right time to confess to him/her?

. . . if the person you're in love with always be mad at you, keep on insulting and saying you're definitely not for him/her and swear a lot, would you let him/her go? or just swallow everything he/she said to you and keep on waiting?

. . . if you think you're in love with a person who's not seriously into you because he/she might just wanna be friends with you, would stay and be his/her friend? or keeping fantasies that you would be with him at some time? or ignore the friend zone and keep on waiting for him/her to be yours?

. . . if you think he/she's not exactly your typical type but actually he/she's "exactly" the one for you, would you ignore him/her? or just let it go with the flow? or might even consider trying to know him/her very well?

. . . if you're best friend is in love with you but you can't accept him/her because you think it's crazy, would you think at some other time to even consider it? or ignore the fact that he/she really can't pass the best friend zone?

. . . if you think you're strong enough to endure your last broken love, would you still find a person who's exactly like the one who broke your heart? would you always believe in what those sweet words he/she said to you? or you'd stay low and have fun to fix your inside?

. . . if you're having  second thoughts on the person you hate to become the person you would love, would you ignore that feeling because it would be an embarassment for your dignity? or try to open up?

i hope you guys would make the right choice when it comes to love or friendship. and i wish you guys all the best ! :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

my Mushroom Garden ^^

hello peeps! it's been so long since i last posting here. due to very busy semester for me plus with a certain few weeks with no internet, blogging is limited. sigh. but i am ver active with my facebook and twitter cuz i've services from my mobile phone. so it's easier for me to be online there when there's no internet.

anyway anywho, i guess some of you must be wondering why my title post is about Mushroom Garden. well seriously i don't own any mushroom garden for REAL. its a game actually. an app that i found on apps store :)

TA~ DAAAA~~~~ ^^.V

 i am currently addicted to this game. ha! its funny cuz when it comes to games i'm very picky. so yup this game is one of the very lucky games that i played. CONGRATULATIONS! lol :P

this game is simple actually. you just have to choose which food button where it also displays the time for the funghi to sprout and when they have grown you can just harvest them with a tap or a swipe. oh i forgot to mention that this game is available only for apple iPhones and iPods and android phones. you can just search "Mushroom Garden" on the apps store and voila! you'll find this game.. [for itunes, just click >HERE<]

Not just that, the mushrooms are adorable too! here take a look :D

see? isn't it cute? ^^

so here's my garden :D

Monday, 9 January 2012

as time goes by..

it's been a while since i've last posting on my blog and now this is my first post for 2012!! i hope it's still not late to wish happy new year >.<

anyway, for this new year i wished for the best in my life since i'm going to be 20 this year. sobs. i wished i'd change to a better person specially in academics. study hard and smart always (lol i feel like writing for someone's birthday card xD) and more......

so for this first post, i'm sharing a song/mv from a group of kPop band which is U-Kiss. i'm a kiss me now and a primadonna too ^^ sharing the love to all Kiss Me's. btw, i'm learning the dance moves too. xD


Tonight I shall be here (Tick tack tick tack)
Tonight I shall be here (Tick tack tick tack)

Kimi dake aishiteiru
Sore kimochi wa karawarai oh

Bokura ni wa kasanete kita
Suteki na omoide mo arukeredo
Kono yoni asurosu gosanai kara
Ookina oh so tsukuderanai

Tonight I shall sing it for you through the night
(tonight) I shall be turning on the broken light
(tonight) yozora o tsuyoru kuyoni
Tonight (tonight) Tonight ooh ~
Woah (tick tack tick tack)
Woah (tick tack tick tack)
Nani wo okute
Tell me all, say yoni
Kagayoshi kanare
Tonight (tonight) Tonight ooh ~

Mi no konai iki ni ko chodakara
I say goodbye hajishimau heart dake do
We have no choice kono mama nara wa
We are falling down, and you say what

Bokura ni wa koerarenai
Zankoku na kame ga atte
(There must be something within oh)
Hatana so wa kimi no tame ni tsuku (so) tsukute

Tonight I shall sing it for you through the night
(tonight) I shall be turning on the broken light
(tonight) yozora o tsuyoru kuyoni
Tonight (tonight) Tonight ooh ~
Woah (tick tack tick tack)
Woah (tick tack tick tack)
Nani wo okute
Tell me all, say yoni
Kagayoshi kanare
Tonight (tonight) Tonight

Ima kimi no hitori
Michimaru kau no hidotoki
Don’t cry, dont cry c’mon uso de kizutsuku you baby
Boku ga ichi no hika yeah soshite kiss soshita

(Tonight) I’ll never never never give
(Tonight) I’ll never never never give
(Tonight) I’ll never never never give
Tonight (tonight) Tonight ooh~

Imi wa kedokonai
Yasashisa wa yet i dont know why
Shy ga suite ureta
Boku roku daijobu
Mada ii chikanai
Nani mo shiranai
Kimi wa damasenai

Tonight I shall sing it for you through the night
(tonight) I shall be turning on the broken light

credits : Paroles