Friday, 25 February 2011

this is what i prevent to happen

its getting freaky and freakier. its not that i dont appreciate what he did to me but its making me uncomfortable.i know it's sweet and all that but its like you dont have to waste your time and money for me. i dont like being treated with money. i know he likes me cuz he admitted himself. i know i 'like' him as in like admire or something but i'm not like really into like him. since he say it himself, it makes me like . . . . oh i wish i could meet my mom and talk to her face to face. i'm sure she'll know what to say.

i hate when things becomes like this. i dont want someone to 'like' me if you know what i mean. i wish i never know. things would be easier to handle. its only been a week we - or to be precise, I know him. and i entirely sure i dont even know his basic infos. i dont want to be mean. i wish things like this never happens!

Friday, 11 February 2011


okay. this is the JustBeats' Justin Bieber style from Dr. Dre. i really2 want this. i wish i have the money to buy the two of them. and the what i like about this is that . . . . its purple too! my favorite colourr! gonna save a LOT of money to buy these kinda of things. since i like Supra, i'm planning on to buy one. gee cant wait for that :D

i think i like him

yeah. i think i just realized that. well not really. i noticed it on Monday. at first i used to think of him as a super shitty guy cuz he was freaking annoying!! like seriously annoying. i used to think 'oh too bad. he's good looking but has a hell out of behavior. he's really rude and disrespectful. but as time goes by he's changing. i'm not sure to the normal him or what but yeah he was positively changing. i was aware of that a week before our mid semester holiday. he still as rude as are but not as he used to be. and now, i like the way he is now rather than before. i think i'm attracted to guys who looks bad but in reality, he's not. he's just a normal guy only with some manners problem etc etc. and now i kinda like him. well he's cute (to my eyes. different people have different taste in things. even boys or girls) and i dont know why, i kinda know him from somewhere but not really sure where it was or when was it.
and now i know that he likes me. well i dont what type of the term 'like' does he mean. but yeah. now i know. well not entirely. i've guessed it already before my friend told me. i was just waiting someone (or himself) to tell me bout it. it's always like that. i can't not know that someone like me. some people said i've got a great intuition cuz i always know when people lie to me, people who likes me (like him xP) and know someone will betrayed my love like my stupid ass hole ex-boyfriend. *sigh* past is past. just let be. so yeah, i'm good with that. anyway, with his good-bad-boy looks, he's still sweet.
btw, don't forget i've typed 'Like' not 'Love'. i'm still not in love with anyone. i might be sometime, but not know. kinda avoided that type of thing :)