Monday, 6 October 2014

Wish List : Secret Room(s) for my future house

As I was scrolling through my newsfeed on facebook, I found this particular link from Architecture & Design and it was about secret rooms. Honestly, I'm really a big fan of having my own secret room or compartments that I can make for my future house which I really cant wait! :D well who doesn't really, right? here are some of the rooms that I'd like to have one day :)

I really love this because I would love to have a reading space of my own and i think this clearly says "Do Not Disturb. I'm in my own world." ;)

 and this? well who wouldn't love a small office or working desk in your room behind the cupboard door? I mean obviously it is quiet, no one will bother you unless they have to, I think making covers in that small room will project more of my voice, it's simple yet cheeky and why not? so this is an absolute must have for my future life. 

sigh. when I saw photos like this made me eager to have my own future now but as we are currently on the present time, I think I should live my life and study more even if I'm still waiting for the applications. but still I can't wait to have my own house with my dearly beloved future husband and this, i can't wait for that too! haha