Monday, 18 July 2011

NyumNyumNyum~ ^Q^

hello my fellow reader(s) *waving excitedly :D
 i think today was quite busy since we're moving and we still need to carry a lot of stuff to our new house. so yeaa about the title. um i was looking into my tumblr dashboard and i found something intersting that i wanted to share which is . . . .


this stuff you see is one of my FAVORITE dish to eat. looking at it makes my mouth water. so since i was kinda bored right now (and a lil bit hungry), i wanted to share foods that i really LOVE to EAT! xD 

  • Macaroni and cheese! lots of lots of CHEESE! i'm a big fan to everything that includes with cheese :D 

  • Hawaiian Tuna Pizza with extra CHEESE

  • Lamb Chop with mint sauce or mushroom sauce. both sauces are accepted :D

  • McDonald's GCB

  • Fries

  • Oreo McFlurry

  • Sushi's!

  • Steamed fish 

  • crabs

  • Mee Basah with Prawns


  • cheese omelette

  • Caesar salad with lots of bread crumbs 

  •  Cakes!

  • Kenny Rogers chickens


okay. . chill Meena, chill. you're going to eat soon. but seriously?! i'm really hungry right now LOL xD 
thanks for reading my boring post today ^^

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sekali Lagi. . .

so it was on the 6th of July, we went to class like always. after class, we went to BTC to eat for lunch since we were really, really hungry. during our lunch, we talked about a lot of stuff. the most HOT topic was Piqa's challenge to find a new boyfriend in a week. it was crazy cuz i can't do it you know. thinking if i was at her place i should be alone for a while and i've been single for like what? 3 years? and it was funny for the name suggestions for her. Didi, Yuery and others. we laugh a lot at that time. then suddenly, out of no where, we were discussing bout CTU subject whether we should go or not and i think you guess where it goes :D

and now the story began for the title above 
Izza, Ika, Piqa, Fath, Ewa and me went to 1Borneo for our fun fun day out. we planned (well not exactly planned the day) to catch a movie with the title 'Sekali Lagi'. we bought our tickets and went for ice cream. While we're buying the ice creams for us, we were like "okay, where to next?" and everyone was like "umm, i don't know. let say, window shopping?". everyone agreed though some of us couldn't resist shopping. so we walked and walked and walked and looking and walked and so it goes. but my favorite shop we went is the Cotton On. i bought 2 pairs of shades and all the stuff is A.W.E.S.O.M.E! if i have the money to buy more, i would buy a lot of stuff from that shop. then we continue to walked and looked and searched and walked. . . 

my favorite item that we all bought (well most of us) is the necklace with a capital letter in the center of it. mine is 'M' with the color of peach or pale pink. i'll never open it unless i needed to cuz to me, it's the best birthday present ever. i may be bought it with my own money but the memories behind the necklace is what i cherish the most. maybe my friends thought it was just a normal girls-day-out day but to me its a precious memory that i hope i will never forget :) 

when it was nearly our time to watch the movie, we went to GSC to buy our beverages and went inside the hall. we sat in the middle of the cinema and all of us were in the same line. 

now, as the movie was on, we were like crying and laughing and laughing while crying when we watched it. it was the very first ever a malay romantic movie made cry. it was SO touchy you know. the funny part was when we watched the movie, we were all crying. like crying really hard. the moment from the movie was very sad and all of us needed tissue. we're like "hey, who got tissues?" "Ewa has it" "in a min. it's in my bag" "awww this saddddd" and all the talking stuff, we're still crying. and thanks to Ewa, we are finally able to see the screen clearly and blow our noses off. i think we're the most noisy group while watching that movie. 
it was a lovely and sad movie anyway. 

this the movie that we watched

and this little girl right here is a very brilliant girl. plus, her name in this movie was Amy and i think her mother's name spoiled the movie. LOL 

right after the movie, we took pics of us on the stage of the cinema and went out from it. we went to buy our foods and other stuff and we went home. i mean i went home and the others went back to hostel. 

trying to find herself a ring to wear

oh! this part right here was where some of the passing by people keep looking at us and laugh at us. specially the pakistan dudes.

my favorite shot! i love how Ika's hair went flying like she's some super hot model :D go Ika! you rule!

Piqa's new duda? haa xD

the Trademark of the Gangster Nerds xD

after the movie. we have stuffy nose and swelling eyes because of crying but anyways, it was a fun day :D