Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The result is still the same

So we've finished our steam distillation experiment last week on Friday and decided not to continue it because sadly our result is 000000.000000 x( our madam said its okay because we won't leave empty handed. At least we get to learn our main objectives for BIO300.

I'm so thankful that our supervisor is easy going and we can talk to her without being scared and stuff. Plus, she's always there for us. For 3 consecutive days in the organic chemical lab she helped us. Guide us. Motivate us. Thankyou madam! We owe you lots! Now we hope you'd give us As *wink wink*

Btw just realised my last post was on V day. I don't even remember it was V day. Feels like its just a Thursday to me. Sad. Forever alone. Haha Nahh the time will come :) and because of that enjoy my Ziall pic ;)

Mina x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Still hoping it would not fail

Day 2 of our essential oil experiment and still we have nothing. Kinda frustrated because we still haven't got any result. Too many problems. We kinda have to control everything which includes the labs temperature, water needed and mass of tea leaves.

Wuaahhhh Dx please please please dear essential oil, it's been 2days and still nothing. God help us :(

Monday, 11 February 2013

Happy Late 2013 haha

Just a quick post to say hello :) I was bored and I've just download this Blogger app again. So yeahh. It's February now and final exams are coming soon. Haven't prepare myself yet and a lot has been going on right now. I guess there'll be more about me since I've downloaded this app again. Haha. Toodles!

Mina x