Sunday, 24 January 2016

is it too late now to say...

Hello January 2016. I know you wanted to sing Sorryyy hahaha. but seriously, i love that song.

Anyways, here i am. welcoming 2016 with a list of not-so-new-year resolution when i actually should be studying right now but since i haven't post for why not? hehe. I'm hoping that this year is gonna be nice with me. although i bet there would be hardships but be optimist mina! here goes my list of new year resolution.

  1. Make sure to read and review every topic everyday. my target is so that i can understand what am i gonna study for the next class and be prepare for myself. since the class is gonna be in Indonesian, at least i get what is the Professors/Doctors are talking about. 
  2. Be diligent, say NO to laziness! i know i am such a lazybum so i need to stop myself from being lazy because as a medstudent, lazy is totally out of the equation. i wont do well in my academics if i'm lazy. therefore, you can do it mina!
  3. Go ahead and be active with sports. my dad said make sure you play sports while you're there. you need oxygen in your body and at the same time to release the tension in your brain. and i did. i started to play badminton with Ghazi and Syukran as our coach. since i am that noob, i really do need a coach *cough*sebabkalahmatidenganizyan.sorryizyan*cough* because i sucked at that time. the seniors beat me down. feel bad for Izyan though. so, yes. badminton it is.
  4. Study languages when i have free time. i think most knew how much i would love to speak in German, Japanese, Arab, Korean and other languages. so, why not i try to and self-thought myself like i used to.
  5. Spend my money wisely. even though i'm here in Indonesia, doesn't mean i don't have to be thrifty right. i know most of my money goes to food but girl, my appetite sometimes amazed me. like come on mina! you just ate a mangkuk of bakso and mee ayam! heh. okay. therefore, spend it wisely. economics nowadays are bad. 
  6. Make Mum and Dad proud! for this, i will do everything i can for them because of course they are my heart and soul so it is my duty to serve my parents. make them happy, less worry about their daughter named Mina. heheh. insya Allah my prayers to them to have a blessing life. love you ma and dad x
  7. Take care and use the blade that is in my mouth wisely. people tend to think i'm always mad and angry all the time when i am actualy not. literally. whenever i gave advises and whatnot, most would say "sorry mina.""janganlah marah mina." maybe because i talk with emotion (?) and the tone made it sound mad (?). sigh. but i really do need to take care of it. please don't be offended when i talk. 
tadaaa~ my list is now complete. (i think) hopefully i will manage to do them all. insya Allah.

now, back to studying.