Thursday, 30 June 2011


hey y'all. how you doing? oh gosh i miss blogging. i've been busy for a while now. a lot of things have happened to me. lol i'm out of words right now.

well let start with my soon to be covers. okay, i'll be making tons of covers for the songs i really2 like and i cant wait to show it to you guys. i'll do my best for every single cover that i'll make. and i hope you would like it. i know i'm not good in singing while playing my guitar but i'll do my best

secondly, i think i should say about my new awesome shoes :D

here it is. i only wore it once you know. but yeah. i'll wear it a lot in the future

thirdly, i'm the director for our Science Appreciation Night (SAN) this semester. kinda afraid some things might end up badly but i hope it'll be fine. i hope that all my classmates would cooperate with me. i know that sometimes i might be a little bitch but i hope you guys would lend a hand.

i think thats all for now. will keep posting soon :D