Saturday, 5 December 2015

Kaneki Ken

A character from Tokyo Ghoul which I love dearly other than Ai Enma from Jigoku Shoujo (Girl from Hell). i really love the story to the core! something different but it's that kind of genre that i love. dark fantasy. his character reassembles some bits of me, especially the side where no one knew unless to those who is really close to me, which is also the reason why i chose him to be on my header! haha. same goes for Ai Enma. there's just something about her that really touched me and i really love the anime. i wish i had time for myself with animes. and guitar. i miss my guitars actually T^T and final exam is the corner. so it kinda stressing me out :( hence, why i'm here. i need therapy. i need stress reliever. do pray for me.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

apabila jatuh, bangkit Mina.

ada kalanya kita ingin berbicara tentang soal hidup kita...
ada kalanya tidak, kerana bagi kita ianya tidak penting.
tetapi aku yakin semua melalui benda yang susah dan juga yang senang.
kepada yang senang, syukur alhamdulillah.
kepada yang susah, tidak mengapa. teruskan berjuang.
tidak semestinya kau jatuh, terus jatuh selamanya.
ini masih awal.
masih belum terlambat untuk mencapai apa yang kau inginkan.
so, jangan mempersia-siakan apa yang kau dapat sekarang ni sebab kau sendiri tahu bukan semua orang boleh duduk di tempat kau sekarang ni.
never give up. when there's a will, there is a way.
# No Matter What, Fight On! - jargon angkatan kami. 

Hello December!


after a year and a month or so being away from blogging, the tempt to write something was always there but didn't want some poser to do something stupid to my family. hahaha.

so, how is life? long story short, still studying but in a different faculty now. from biology to medicine. been here for 3 months now and for sure it was not easy. how i get into this faculty was also a miracle. might share it someday. living in other country is also a challenge for me because it is my first time being away from family. but i think i know why I'm the last to study somewhere else other than Sabah than my other siblings. things get connected when in the future (for me, now). somewhat interesting about what happened to me hehe.

for sure my English is a bit lag when I'm here because mainly everything is in Indonesian but i will try my best to write more. Happy Mina is HAPPY! :)