Wednesday, 28 March 2012


yeah! finally last paper to go! :D i can't wait for all this studying thing to stop for a while. my brain will explode if this keeps up. lol exaggerating much.

okay now lets get to the topic. last night i was inspired by a friend of mine's words about life in his blog. during our high school days, he was the kind who kinda bullies people i guess but not too much. he always speak up what's on his mind. no matter if he's talking to a guy or a girl. he'll speak it right out. but one thing i know about him is that he's a mama's boy? well kinda like that. he used to be big and chubby and really really smart even though he's the "bad" student. i know he's good deep inside him and he's kinda the one who goes baby stuff when he's with someone he love. but now whenever i read/look at his facebook and read his blog, he's not what he used to be. he seem kinda more experienced in life and saying that people change when they grow up but still keep the kid inside him with him which really made me like wow you've really changed a lot my friend. and he's getting thinner and more matured in his way. but the getting thin part is where i feel very challenged because i was getting chubby now... i guess? lol. anyway, here are his words.
Maybe back in the old days i'd be hyped up and just go with the flow of stuffs , in a childish way , but we're all grown ups aren't we ? Hahahaha accept it , everyone changes . Nobody stays the same , the important thing is to grow up but still retain a stron inner child in you . The one that's curious and playful ! Those values mean a lot , shows how you deal with stuffs and how you go by your day . Yerp , pretty save for me to say I've changed quite a lot since high school ! The way i handle things and all those stuff . My friend said i even changed the way i smile haha ! The reason people thinks i'm gay , the way i smile ? Maybe it's because i smile for a different reason nowadays , but it's quite obvious the happy go lucky jolly boy ain't behind that smile anymore !
 this really really inspired me! his words got stuck in my mind since i read his post. i guess you'll understand life as you get older and more experienced with it. plus, i almost cried when i read his post. i hope he'll have a great life and be happy always :)

 Thank you Razdan for teaching me a little bit about life :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

2 more to go!

ahhh! finally... two more papers to go.. which is on 26th and 31st of March. Physics and Calculus 2. oh btw, its our final exam month this March. hee forgot to mention about it >.<

anyway anyhow, so yup. 2 more to go. and i'll do my best and keep on fighting till the last piece of number i'll write. aja aja hwaiting!  lol. exaggerating much? xD 

wish me all the best for this semester kay? ^^

P.S: i'm guessing that this would be my very 1st short post for this year. lol~ who cares xD

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

being linguistic.. how bout you? :)

hello dear bloggers and to those who read my blog.. thank you for even considering to read this post. as you can see the title for today is about being linguistic (lol why am i being so schematic?...i don't even know xD) well I'm a fan of other languages besides English and Malay. for now i could only understand Bajau (an ethnic in my country). but the thing is i can only understand it but when it comes to me talking in bajau, i couldn't. my mom said i could practice bit by bit with her and i did actually. but i really need to learn more. hee. 

anyway, the cultures that I'm a fan of are German, Korean, Japan, France, Greek and Arab. for German, Korean and Japan, i learn by myself which is hard cuz i don't have someone to talk to. maybe after I've finish my diploma or degree, i wanted to learn these languages and maybe more. I'll add Mandarin to the list too.

more over, i can read German and Korean (Hangul) but i don't know what it means (poor me lol) and that's why i want to learn them. BTW, I'm doing this not just because I'm a fan of some bands and singers (specifically in German & Korean). i wanted to learn their way of talking & writing and their way of life. plus, the cultures are very different from Malaysia and i would like to visit these countries someday. not just that, I'm hoping i would have adopted families when i go to these countries and from time to time, i would like to visit them. gosh.. thinking about it makes me happy and it would be great if i could tweet in Hangul to the Korean artists that I'm a fan of. kyaa~