Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Note To Self : God is always there for you

because sometimes you'll get lost and i think this is one of the ways to be focus :)

If you want to focus more on Allah in your prayers, focus more on Him outside your prayers.Allah gave us the standard to live by when He instructed: "Say! Indeed my prayers, my sacrifices, my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of all the worlds." (al-An'aam, 6:162)

"All aspects of our lives should lived in a way pleasing to God. Living righteously is living Islam." - Dr Bilal

being girly

Hello there lovelies!
haha and i actually didn't even write a single post right after every damn time i wanted to keep on posting. sigh. sorry guys.

anyways, just to let you know.... i wore a skirt the other day!  I ACTUALLY WORE A SKIRT! :D and i felt a bit girly because i don't normally wear one hahaha. and guess what? i actually bought a skirt on that very same day. lolzzzzz. so i guess its an improvement maybe...? i don't know. haha

honestly, these past few months, well not few but many month hehe, i love love love wearing dresses with cardigans or jacket or jubah-like dress because its comfortable and mah legs are completely free to breathe well hahah. and Mr Teddy agrees with me wearing skirt even if he's not used to it but i'm okay with it. as long as he and my brother approves whatever i wear, then i'm perfectly fine with it ;) yup. Mr Teddy and Anwar are my dressing advisor when it comes to how labuh. Fashion confidence gurlllllll. werk it! as my sister would say x)

oh! and now i finally get a hang with mah sort of new laptop. finally get to make the tags that i used to put in photos or simply just for reference in stuff hehehe. so, happy mina is very happy but at the same time, right now i'm very hungry. i guess that's all for today...? 
haha okay. see ya!