Tuesday, 31 August 2010

yeay! finally. something to say for you guys!

hi guys! so maybe this is my 2nd post as you all know after the Tom video thing >.< *damn he's SO freaking HOT!*. i've been thinking on doing a blog for myself, though i already have tumblr, but still i feel like i wanna have this a personal blog. lol. and for your information. Humanoids Unite blog is still on. its just that i dont have the time to manage all the news and pictures and stuff in just one day. and my schedule is REALLY REALLY packed *wished it doesn't*.univercity life =/ so, i'll be ACTIVE on that blog on November. yeay! *cheers* i'll update stuff everyday on that month cuz its holiday for me ^^ till December if i'm not mistaken. so yeah. i am really really sorry for those who've always been a great follower to our blog. please do forgive me with that. i know its been a really LOOOOONNGGG time. and i think maybe i'll update that blog using this blog too.

oh yeah btw, kinnesama , the co-admin of Humanoids Unite, is out from it cuz she thinks she didn't do anything with the blog, twitter, and facebook. but the thing was she really did something. she made this whole stuff. the whole blog thing and twitter thing. in the end she gave up. she let me continue doing my job on both blog and twitter. and facebook too. sorry forgot bout that >.<

i hope you guys will understand my situation for now. how trully sorry i am for you guys.

Tom Kaulitz [dirty picture]

oh meh god, i'm loving this! :D oh yeah Tomi~ send me your dirty picture baby! >w<

so maybe this is my 1st post for my blog. lol xD