Tuesday, 28 September 2010


aaah!!! *stops screaming instantly....breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out* okay. fuh. hi y'all! i know it's been so long i updated my blog >.< sorry for that. last night was our Science Appreciation Night (sort of like dinner i think o.O) everything was fine. the food was nice. deco and stuff are nice too.except for the multimedia slide show thing! 
there were only DIS's pics and NO, NOT even slightly a pic of pre-science in that slide show. and we all were like "what the hell is this man?! there's no pic of us. not even one. we're science too only with 'pre' in front of it" so i think its unfair for them to do that =/

anyway, i want to show you this pic! :D

*blushes* em okay see that thing i wear on my head? they're called shawl or something. i've never ever ever wear that until last night's event. hee. i didn't wear this before cos i don't know how to wear it. and now i know how (thanks to my dearest friend, Naziey!) i'm gonna find and buy one or probably more :D well Naziey didn't exactly taught me how to wear it. i was watching her carefully when she wear hers and then i tried to copy how she did it. FINALLY!! i manage to do it by myself! and i'm proud of that. lol. oh yeah, that shawl on that pic was hers too. i borrowed from her :D btw, sorry for my messy room. yes, what you can from that mirror is all my things. 

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Heels!! :D

look! i found these heels on the web and it is GORGEOUS! i tell ya, GORGEOUS! you can check it out for more HERE :D

Miss Cheerful


A Precious Gem

its a wedding heels but who cares! :D 


The Ultimate Blue Bootie


Fabulously Studded

personally, this is my FAVORITE!! ^O^ i just love these heels 

Miley Cyrus - My Last Song for Miley (Dave Days)

cool! his a BIG fan of Miley Cyrus and he FINALLY gets to meet her! and this is a song he made for her. isn't that cute? :3

#HappyBdayKaulitz is done. so now #HappyBdayGustav! :D

okay we're done with the Kaulitz twins birthday. so now it Gusti's turn!! :D
they all planned to fo a fan action on twitter (same like #HappyBdayKaulitzTwins) WORLDWIDE! they wanna start to trend #HappyBdayGustav on 8th September in your own country at these times -> The Fixed Times Around The World
i think every country is listed there. we can do it for the twins, why not for Gusti too? :D cant wait for it >.<
and for Malaysia, it will be on Wed 21:00pm :D

weird o.o

okay just a few seconds ago, three seniors from DPIM (maybe they're part 2 or something) came to my room and wanna let me teach them about Physics. its about velocity and stuff. then when i tried to do the questions that they totally dont understand, they were look everything with my stuff. my guitar, my books, my handwriting, my chords and others. even my German dictionary o.o they said that "most people like Korean, Japanese but me, German. which is very common and not just that, you understand it a little bit too" thats what they said. they talked bout my dad, my uncle, and my other uncle who's into business and stuff. they know my father and for me that a bad sign =/

so then after i've done trying their question which i'm really not sure whether the answers that i got is true or not, i taught them one-by-one. and the kinetic energy part is the one i'm really not sure about. i explained to them and let them understand the question. after that, they wanna have my number just in case they have other questions to ask. well they ARE seniors. so i just gave my number to them. and after all the thanks and stuff, now i feel kinda weird. i'm a junior. a freshie to be exact and i teach my senior. i thought they were going to bully me or something. but then it was okay. up till now, i still feel wierd

2010-09-01 RTL Punkt 12

True love, that's the birthday wish from the Kaulitz-brothers. Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz celebrates together with his twinbrother Bill his 21st birthday today. In an interview with BRAVO, Tom said to his many affairs: "I'm no longer satisfied with it, I feel it more and more, at the end I feel as lonely as my brother."

Look what's trending last night #HappyBdayKaulitzTwins


we're on the 3rd position! we made it! we made it trend last night! :D good job everyone! if only the twins would've see this. they must've been proud with us. lol. okay this was taken at 12:20am 2nd September 2010 (Malaysian time) . probably its still 8:00pm or something in Germany :D i was SO freaking happy when i saw this! Congrats to ALL TH fans all over the world who made it trend on twitter! so damn proud with all you  HUMANOIDS and ALIENS! Tokio Hotel Fans ROCK!! we are awesome! yeah!

Attention all Malaysian Beliebers!

yes i'm a fan of Justin Bieber. so what? lol joking. he's great kid. an awesome singer too. okay back to what i was here for. 

For all Malaysian Beliebers, Universal Music Malaysia did a Biber Vision on their facebook wall. post your love note to Bieber HERE. they need 1500 Beliebers. Come on guys!