Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Science Festival 2011

Science Festival~ *smiles*
the event was last week. i've been trying to blog bout this after sci-fest but then i've been busy for kawad for Supermits.  we didn't get any place but we do have fun during the competition though some of my friends stressed out cuz they think they dont do their best. but to me, we really did our best. to me, we dont intend to get a place. to me, we're doing this to make some memories. kawad together. maybe after this, we wont be together again right?

okay back to square one. science festival... science festival taught me to be strong when it comes to handling any event. science festival taught me that people will respect you if you respect others. from science festival i gain more friends specially the seniors. our friendship is like we're friends since before we know each other. i heart them. other than that, science festival taught me to be careful when handling with people.overall, science festival makes me becoming a better person.

it has about a week long gone, i still remember how it all worked out. how i tried to ask them to pay that RM20 just for that event. when we went out to buy the stuffs. when we decorate the whole building even though its not our job to decorate it. when i climbed the ladder for the first time and Abg Aril scolded me for being on that thing *sigh* when i was shaking like i'm having hypothermia and still Abg Aril is there for me. giving me hot water. Kak Beba for trying to warm me up. Kak Fara for lending me her jacket until it's wet and heavy. when the night i got sick, Noul got car accident and some seniors who i really dont know, came and help me and care about me. its weird that i dont know their names but they know mine. lol.

well a lot have happened. some are good. some are bad. its normal la kan to have all this thing. but i'll always take the good ones for myself. so, i thank all of them for all of these memories. sorry cuz i dont have any pics to show you guys. i've been busy helping others out. i'll try to ask others who have my pics during that event :D