Wednesday, 9 April 2014

trying to be positive and motivated

woohoo! my first entry for 2014 :P 
it was my last semester so all i did for this blog was only decorating and stuff and it would be when i'm on my laptop. because i'm usually on twitter, facebook and instagram made me feel sorry for living my blog behind. same goes for my tumblr. so yup. here i am updating stuff happened to me these past few months. 

anyways, i've just finished my diploma last Sunday and i still cant believe i did it. Right after that, here i am. in the office. currently being my dad's office PA. did all the letters, payment vouchers, copies and stuff here. whew. it was an easy task really but it's in a office. came here for like around 9-11 am and go back home after 2 pm or so because i didnt have much to do here. so around 3-5 hours are my time in the office and after that, a time for myself. sometimes i went to pick up Anwar from school. well not sometimes though but its like my job now really and its tiring! driving all the way around but i'm thinking Allah have plans for me so i'm trying my best to do everything that i can. 

and now that i'm taking MUET again i've to study my english as well. hence, this blog. i'll be writing more from now on. whenever i'm free from work in the office. i'll try to write stuff 5 times a week because these are the times in the office? haha yeah. i'll try because i need to improve my english. talking too. been thinking about how i could improve it and i think the best way is for me to take/post videos (if i dared myself to) of me talking with stuff. i think this is the best way for me because i dont have friends to talk to here. well except my sister from phone. oh god i miss her. hope she's doing well for her first year finals! love you and you'll always be on my prayer! xoxo :*

i think thats all for today. hopefully there will be more tomorrow. cheers!