Monday, 23 September 2013

Wherever You Are

hey guys. here's some short update of my life.

so 5SOS just released their new music video and i'm in emotional tears. the song was definitely perfect and i love everything. the guitars, the drums, the melody, the lyrics. i love it! and i did cried okay! i love them. i know this might sound cliche but they made a song for us #5SOSFAM! im proud of it and its been a year i've become a fan. pretty sure i'll be there along with their journey till the end of time. same goes with Tokio Hotel and One Direction. i dont care if people say i'm lame but for the love of music and their personalities, i'll stay no matter what.

"...torn in two and i know i shouldn't tell you but i just can't stop thinking of you wherever you are. every night i almost call you just to say it always will be you, wherever you are..."

P.S: my final exams gonna start this week and i'm praying and will do my best in everything. pray for me and wish me luck! :) 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Just dropping by

To say HI!!

I'm gonna be busy starting this week due to tests , quiz and final exam at the end of September. Wooh! Wish me luck and pray that I'll pass my finals with good grades. Aamiin~ 

Btw, since it's the 16th September HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY to all a Malaysians! I just hope we would live in peace and harmony with no fighting and all. 

Anyways, to celebrate here's a photo of Gundut the kitten who think she's that mature ;)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Recommended games of the week!

Hellooo~ guess what? I've just downloaded some game apps on my phone and seriously this game is the cutest and adorable game! It's called Jelly Splash. It's sort of like Candy Crush but more entertaining than that. It's like the longer your jelly, the more points you get. Oh and on a limited move to. But it's heck fun! And I'm currently addicted to it x) *feeling guilty*

And it goes something like this :)

Now that I found other games as well. Something like this app which is called Egg Baby 

This is my home

My backyard and that's Ash the piñata who gives me water bottle every 30 minutes.

this is Callie and I've to wait for about 2 days and 13 hours for it to hatch. At the same time, I've to take care of it because it'll die and I don't wait it to die! Sort of lol

And I played this game too! It's The Hardest Game Ever 2.

See that F grade? Currently stuck at that stage >.<

And it is THE HARDEST GAME I've ever played because you have to pass all of the games in just seconds! The more minimum your time, the better but some of the games are the longer you make that something stay, the better it'll be. I have to have really super fast fingers to press on the button or else I'll fail. 

Honestly, this is why I don't want to play games because they're massively addictive! And my Candy Crush was actually played by my sister and I've only played some of them just to pass the stage but this time I'm still on level 147 and it's really hard for me to pass x( 

Lol since when does games are important to me?! Nah might forget it in the future but seriously though, these 3 game apps are really fun. If you have a smartphone or tablet etc, I recommend you to download and play it. 


Love, Mina xoxo

P.S: Im writing this post from my phone and I can't adjust the words in centre and a but smaller size. So I hope you'd bare with it ha :D

Updated P.S: i just change the whole photos setting on my computer. hah :D

Saturday, 7 September 2013

unnecessary post

so i was kinda busy today with my chemistry test this morning, then doing my laundry, after that, cleaning up my bathroom and finally! here i am on my laptop. i was really tired and i just need something to make me a bit loosen up. so i went to tumblr.

to those who have tumblr will know how it is to be on that site. i mean literally you'll find a lot of massive stuff. its either some awesome photos or super amazing/funny GIFs or some random interesting infos. there's also some great and related post that you MUST reblog haha.

anyway, i found this and i, seriously, laughed for quite a few minutes and my brother thought i was watching some kind of funny video or something. here it goes.....

isnt it funny? well it is to me xD anyboo, i've to get ready now. dinner at our favourite restaurant, Little Italy. BYE! :)