Saturday, 21 December 2013

some life quotes i'd like to share :)

because every human being has their own way in life and i think you should never judge a person just of what he did in the past or present, what he/she wears, what he/she has on his body or if they're gay. all i know is that only God can judge us because on He who knows whats in our heart and for whatever reason we did all those, He saw and He knows.

literally. just because you're always alone that doesn't mean you shouldn't be happy. you should be thankful that God created you and you're breathing and perfect in terms of what everybody has such as legs, arms, body, eyes, face etc. even those who doesn't have a perfect body get to live happily. just remember that whenever you feel alone or left out, God will always be there for you. no matter where you are. He listens. 

and this? yeah. what he said :)

true though. sometimes you should do what makes you happy and not following what makes them happy. i mean, it's you! you should be happy for yourself. well i think when you're happy, i'm sure those who're close to you would be happy too. so why would you need the 'others' to confirm how happy you are? 

and lastly, just be yourself. be comfortable with it. never label yourself because you are who you are and you should love it because you're limited ;) 

because it's hilarious

i mean really. what's not to love when it comes to That's So Raven x) 

The Teddy Bear :3

helloooo~ :)
currently everything's fine although Kulub, my kitten was sick this past few days. poor him. tomorrow is his last day going to the vet. last shot and he'll be given some meds. by the way, going to the vet was actually my first time ever like really because every time our pets are sick or something, we mostly treat them by ourselves. so yeah its my first going to the vet and the experience was fun? i suppose. you can actually see that all the staffs and doctors were animal friendly and its fun to watch them doing their job. 

anyways, remember the teddy bear i said i gave him? so we've exchanged it. well it's more like he took my rabbit pillow and he gave me the teddy i gave him because this time, he'll be able to bring the purple rabbit pillow to sleep without being ashamed as the teddy he never sleeps with it -.-" so yup the teddy's with me now. sleep with it every night since i'm probably sure for those who know me i wouldn't sleep without my favourite pillow and a teddy. the teddy was the substitute for mr. purple rabbit. sigh. actually, he took most of my favourite stuff but its okay. i'm fine with it anyway because what's mine is his and what's his is mine. well that's what Abah said. lol.  

this is Mr. Teddy. well thats what i called him tho haha