Tuesday, 20 November 2012


yeah i'm a weirdo. nothing can change that about me. my compassion sometimes made me difficult to handle myself. i cant even understand myself sometimes. funny because i'm living in my own body for like what? 20 years now? huh nice knowing myself. well i have a lot to learn. not just studying but life as well. been reading a lot during my semester holiday and some peeps might find that boring, well it actually was kind to think of it, and a lot of music thing happened. found new bands that i like and listening to new songs from the bands i love. i'm still waiting patiently for TH's new album though and now my headphone is being a pain in the arse. definitely need to buy a new one. but i'm broke for the time being so that have to wait. anyway, i guess thats all. haha thanks for reading my very short post. i'm just bored and feel like typing. haha tschuss leute :)